Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding - Ashley + David

Ashley and David celebrated their wedding day at the Pristine Chapel in Jonesboro, GA.  They were wonderful couple that we had the pleasure to work with.  Ashley was unequivocal to work with and took all my recommendation for photos without a second thought.

We really love couples who let give us full creative control over their wedding day.  We made sure we got the most memorable photos for Ashley and David to remember their wedding day with.

Ashley's story begins at the Rental House

Ashley was getting ready at her rental house close to Pristine Chapel wedding venue, so the drive from her to the venue was very short.  We started our photography coverage with Ashley.

We always start with the details and the wedding dress.  Since this was a rental house, we had limited choice on where to capture these photos at.

Make area is always a mess, so we had some cleaning up to do before taking any photos.  I wanted to make sure that the photos did not have any sort of distraction in them.

A Quick Getting Ready with David

Since David was at the hotel in downtown Atlanta, GA, we had to do some quick fake photos of him getting ready at the Pristine Chapel Lakeside wedding venue.

We quickly grab David, and his best man for some re-staging of the getting ready.

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Pristine Chapel Wedding Venue

Pristine Chapel Lakeside in Jonesboro, GA is the perfect venue for celebrations, weddings, and other special events.  They offer their clients with several locations to celebrate their special day with.

Whether you choose the Chapel, Garden Gazebo, or the Fireplace Pavilion rest assure that you will have plenty of space to accommodate all your guest.

The staff at the Pristine Chapel did an astonishing  job with Ashley and Davids wedding ceremony at the Garden Gazebo.  And simply breathtaking with the wedding reception hall.

Portraits - Bridal Party

Upon arriving to the Pristine Chapel Lakeside wedding venue, I did some minor scouting to figure out where to have the group photos take of the bridal party. I knew that I wanted a full party right at the ceremony alter, but had to figure out where to shoot the groom/groomsmen and bride/bridesmaid.

We did the boys outside, while keeping the girls indoor.  We wanted an elegant and formal look for the girls, thus our reason for doing their group photo at the chapel. Plus, with the hot weather, the girl’s makeup would be intact.

Ceremony at Garden Gazebo

Ashley + David's Portraits

Wedding Reception

The Pristine Chapel staff did a remarkable job with decorating the wedding reception area.  With some great background lights, I was able to capture all the wedding reception events easily making them look super epic.

When you have been shooting weddings for the past 6 years, you get to know how well backlights help with your photos.  Just take a look at the wedding photos we captured during the reception.

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