You honestly cannot go wrong, Bullock Springs Manor wedding venue.  This is a premier wedding venue is located in Western Georgia. A blend of traditional and rustic style, it is the perfect place for your Southern-style wedding.

We had the opportunity to photography Hailey and Brett’s wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor.  Sure, it was hot and humid, but we saw a great opportunity for natural light photographs that would look astonishing when the clouds started to role in.

Bullock Springs Manor has a remarkable garden right before the wedding ceremony location, which we had thought would be the perfect place for portraits for the bride/groom.

Georgia has some of the most beautiful wedding venues, and honestly, this wedding venue made our top 10 wedding venue list.  It’s perfect for a small wedding, but consider a larger place if you intend to have numerous guests at your wedding.  Bullock Spring Manor can only accommodate up to 200 guest.

Located right off the Buchanan Highway in Dallas, Georgia, the Bullock Spring Manor can hold other events beside weddings as well.  Just make sure you have a chat with the staff at the venue for your special event.

Bullock Springs Manor Wedding - Hailey & Brett

Getting Ready

Upon arrival in the wedding venue, my first attempt is to always located the bride (Hailey) and find out what the heck is going on.  Since we all know that the wedding timeline can and will change during the day.

After speaking with Hailey, I went straight to find a location to find a place for her wedding dress.  When doing wedding photography, I like to use one location for one thing only.  Unless, I am forced to, then I will reuse the same location.

My choice for the wedding dress, was in the hallway right across the boy’s getting ready room, and thus I had to make sure that Brett was no where close to my wedding dress location.

Taking the dress shot, I head straight to Hailey, as she was getting her hair and makeup done at this point.  So, I wanted to grab a few shots of this to make the story complete.  At this time, I also told the boys to start getting ready as I will be taking them out for photos.

Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA

First Look at the Tree

Upon driving into the Bullock Spring Manor, I notice this tree right in front of the manor.  I knew I had to use this location for something.  I had already intended to create something unique with this tree, but no other spot available left, I had to use it for the first look as well.

First look are the great options for couples.  I love how emotionally they get when they see each for the first time in their wedding outfits, and this emotion is not going to happen at the ceremony alter.

So during the first look, I let this event happen twice.  What I mean is, the first time I get the natural reaction and the second time I make them do it again if I missed anything.  Being a sole shooter, I will miss something as I can only cover one angle.

Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA

Wedding Ceremony - Inside the Barn

Bullock Spring Manor has an old white barn in the back after the garden.  Which makes a wonderful spot for grabbing the wedding party coming into the barn. I only wished there were two photographers, as I can only grab the party coming into the barn.

The wedding ceremony took about 20 minutes, and once it was complete, I asked the family and wedding party to stay behind, so I can capture the family photographs.  Hailey didn’t really have a huge list, so I asked her to just call people in as you see fit.

Once we got with the family photos, I took the wedding party out in the front and captured a few wedding party group photos, before releasing everyone beside Hailey and Brett for portraits.

Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA

Wedding Portraits - Bride & Groom

With the clouds rolling in, it was the perfect time to capture wedding portraits of the bride and groom.  I was so thankful for the clouds, they really help the images come out astonishing with diffused natural light by mother earth herself.

I normally tend to capture some candid shots, mixed with a few posing shots.  But I always make sure it’s not too difficult.  I don’t want the photos to look like I made them posed for the photos.

We didn’t really move away from the garden too much, but made use of it rather quickly before the rain started to come down.

Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA

Bullock Spring Manor, Dallas, Georgia

The wedding venue is great with venue having capacity of holding up to 200 guest, this wedding venue is perfect for a small wedding.  Everything is close by and not a lot of running around.

The venue staff offers some of the best services I have ever seen from a wedding venue.  They truly do enjoy taking care of their clients and even vendors.  With the ability to hold your event outdoor or indoor, you can’t really go wrong with the Bullock Spring Manor.