This is me, your typically crazy, fearless wedding photographer.  I do things that a traditional wedding photographer doesn’t do (or at least I haven’t seen it).  I don’t particularly enjoy going by shot list because it makes me more focused on the list than creative.

I like using additional lights on your wedding day to create moody, vibrant images that spark emotions of what is going on your wedding day.  You’re not always in a bright location, and your images shouldn’t reflect that.

My couples are the ones that tend to make a plan for their wedding day but knows it’s just a guideline and is not too keen on getting every single shot.  They are relaxed and would rather get a few amazing shots to sum up the day.

They are a bit crazy with photos, always trying to be different than the rest.  And they are not afraid to show that.  At the same trying to enjoy the day they planned for such a long time.


hitesh patel

Endless Drive

Get in the car, and just drive to no destination


Time to pawn some noobs!

Dunkin Donuts

This is my water, my life, I can't life without


Greatest Accomplishment

Sometimes, I can’t stand to be in the house with the wife, and often times the kid just annoys me.  But seriously, they are the greatest part of my life.

We don’t speak in normal human language and are often times always yelling, and making jokes.  This is how we live, and this how it should be.  Let’s enjoy the one life we have to the fullest right?

Often times, I have to bride them to go out on a photo shoot with me.  Which kinda sucks, but hey at least I can use them for testing purpose.

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