With so many different types of wedding photography styles out there, it can become a daunting task just trying to figure out what style you want.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. As such, it’s essential to make sure that you get the best photographs of this day and that they are preserved in the best way possible. This means finding the right photographer for your needs.

But what if you don’t know where to start? Read on as we explore different photography styles and help match them with your preferences to find out which style is perfect for you!

This post is more focused on capturing the style of the photographer. We know many websites have editing styles and capturing styles listed together. They are not the same. Capturing and editing style are two different aspects of wedding photography.

What are the differences between capturing style and editing style?

wedding photography styles

The capturing style focuses more on how the photographer captures the images. This is the way they capture your wedding day. Do they make you pose, or do they capture natural moments occurring throughout the day?
Editing style is how the photographer edits the images after they are done with your wedding.

They may have styles like “dark/moody” or “bright/airy,” which is how they edit the final images.  This post combines both capture style and editing style, making it a bit confusing.

What are the different wedding photography styles?

Different wedding photography styles typically have their unique purposes. For example, photojournalism is mainly used for capturing candid moments of the day that happen spontaneously and in a non-posed way.

As such, they will spend less time posing and more time on taking photographs as events unfold around them – which means there’ll be lots of shots taken from many different angles to capture everything happening at once so it can come alive through photos afterward.

Below is a list of all the photography styles we have found; bear in mind that some photography styles can be combined as one since they pretty much mean the same thing. They have a different name for the style.

  • Artistic Wedding Photography
  • Candid Wedding Photography
  • Documentary Wedding Photography
  • Dramatic Wedding Photography
  • Photojournalistic Wedding Photography
  • Traditional Wedding Photography
  • Creative Wedding Photography
  • Fine Art Wedding Photography

Artistic Wedding Photography Styles

wedding photography styles artistic

Artistic wedding photography is a style that can be both classic and contemporary, depending on the photographer. This wedding photograph might include black and white photos or photographs with filters to give them a more artistic flair. These photographers capture moments in ways that will make you feel what it’s like to live life through their lens– from an emotional perspective rather than technical details.

Candid Wedding Photography

wedding photography styles candid

Candid wedding photographs are those that are taken without any direction from the photographer.

Photographers who use this style often capture moments as they happen– a candid moment, rather than one posed for and staged by the couple. Candid photographers might set up their camera in advance of an event or area (such as on top of a table with good lighting) and then shoot photos at whatever happens when guests come into range.

This type of photography is trendy because it shows the authentic story behind the scene you’re looking at: no posing necessary! Some couples opt for this desired effect, while others prefer traditional poses such as bridal portraits or family group shots.

If you would like your wedding day captured naturally, make sure you get in touch, this is our preferred style, and we love shooting this style.

These types of shots work well with candid photographers because if you’re milling about enjoying the scenery or dancing at your reception, chances are you won’t notice someone taking pictures.

If you want some guidance on when to take those particular emotions from candid photography, then make sure that firstly, there is enough time allocated before the event starts so that they can set up their camera without being seen (like hiding it behind a pillar) and secondly, give them instructions beforehand on what kind of person.

Documentary Wedding Photography Styles

wedding photography styles documentary

Documentary wedding photography is a popular form of capturing the day. Why? Brides and grooms love it because they will get candid but still beautiful, thoughtful, and artistic photos.

Another reason documentary photographers remain so sought after is that they offer an alternative to posed portraits where people stand around awkwardly waiting for their turn in front of the camera lens!

This style has been described as ‘photojournalism.’ The main difference between this type of photographic tradition from other types is that there won’t be any staging or directing involved.

Nor would you have much control over your surroundings– allowing things to happen naturally instead of with little interference on behalf of the photographer will enable them to capture what’s going on at your event without being overbearing.

A photographer specializing in this type of wedding photography will focus on documenting the natural, candid moments between family and friends that happen organically during your celebration.

This means you can expect a lot more photos of what’s going on around the reception hall or church– so less formal portraits with just your loved ones!

The style is great for capturing those ‘flashes in time’ to remember how much fun everything was at your event.

Photographers who specialize in documentary-style weddings like using contemporary cameras can capture fast-action shots and detailed images from far away. meaning they’ll be ready to catch all those spontaneous dance scenes, laughing fits with grandma, and other meaningful life events without missing out on an important

Dramatic Wedding Photography Styles

wedding photography styles dramatic

This is a style that’s all about emotions. It captures those hidden moments–the ones you might not have even seen when it was happening because of your excitement and happiness!

You’ll be amazed at how well dramatic shots show off what life feels like on your wedding day, so if capturing those feelings is essential to you, then this would be the perfect type of photography for you.

This means we’re looking for emotion-filled images with vibrant colors or high contrasts in light and shadow instead of posed photos where everything looks too staged.

Some photographers will use medium format film cameras, which allow them to shoot slow shutter speeds without blurring out any motion (great for getting those freeze frames).

In contrast, others enjoy using digital SLRs since it gives them the flexibility to control their cameras outside of a studio setting.

If you want your wedding day story told in an artistic way that’s meant more to be viewed than looked at, then this might be the style of photography you are searching for! It combines storytelling techniques like cinematic lighting, dramatic poses.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Styles

wedding photography styles photojournalistic

Photojournalistic wedding photography is the type of style that’s meant to look more like a documentary. This means you’re typically going to get fewer posed shots. Instead, they’ll be candid photos taken throughout your day as it happens without any staging or direction from the photographer.

The photojournalist will also try not to interfere with moments happening spontaneously in front of them. Their goal is to capture what life has naturally given them on film; if this sounds like something interesting, keep reading!

The most challenging part about shooting a photojournalistic-style wedding isn’t taking photographs at all but rather choosing which ones are worth using for publication afterward – since the photographer won’t create many staged pictures.

Traditional Wedding Photography Style

wedding photography styles traditional

Traditional Wedding Photography might be what you’re picturing when it’s time to decide between a photojournalistic and traditional style.

In this kind of wedding photography, the photographer will spend more time posing for photographs than capturing them candidly as they happen – so there’ll likely be quite a few shots taken with many different poses to get everything from every angle possible.

The good thing about this is that the photographers can take their time here since they pose photos instead of spontaneous ones, which means they don’t have to worry about not interfering too much with moments occurring before or after each shot.

This is also an excellent choice if your guests like getting their pictures taken and want plenty of group shots during the event!

Creative Wedding Photography Styles

wedding photography styles creative

There’s no better way to capture all those precious memories on someone’s big day than by creating something extraordinary out of nothing. When it comes to creative wedding photography, the sky’s the limit because there are no rules! There is so much creativity and artistic talent out there that you can take whatever ideas come to mind and make them into something spectacular.

Most of the time, these types of photographers will create something you think is just plain or nothing there.  They will use additional lights when need and not soloing rely on natural light to capture the image.

Fine-Art Wedding Photography Styles

wedding photography styles fine art

If you’re a bride looking for an artistic touch to your wedding day, then the fine-art photography style is perfect. This type of shoot can be formal or informal and works best when there’s plenty of natural light. A professional photographer will capture all the candid shots and those posed, so their work becomes “fine art.”

This style will create an art type of images, where they can be published in magazines or online websites. This is perfect for someone looking to have a unique and artistic wedding.

Which photography is best for weddings?

The answer to this question depends on your style and the type of wedding you want.

Don’t want anyone upstaging you on your big day? The documentary, candid, or photojournalistic style is perfect because it focuses solely on capturing moments as they unfold naturally, not staged photographs.

This will ensure everyone has their fair share of time in front of the camera lens, including those who may be shy about posing for pictures!

If you’re looking for something more formal but still romantic and fashionable, then perhaps artistic wedding photography will be more suitable in this situation.

Your wedding photographer’s style will also influence your decision. If you’re looking for a traditional, classic photograph in the vein of posed and staged shots, then an artistic or photojournalistic style may not be suitable for you. Likewise, if you want to have complete control over what photographs are taken on your big day, then candid photography is probably more reasonable.

No matter which type of photography feels most appropriate for your needs (and those of the people attending), it pays to do some research before deciding on a specific photographer or company because there are many out there who can cater to every preference!