Planning an outdoor ceremony can be challenging when you have to worry about all the little details. You want everything to go smoothly, and according to plan on your special day, so we’ve gathered some helpful tips for outdoor weddings. We hope these ideas will help make planning your wedding a little bit easier!

Planning an outdoor ceremony wedding is not for the faint of heart.

You have to be prepared for anything, including unpredictable weather and some challenges with bugs in humid climates or pesky wasps that love hanging around sweet-smelling flowers out there where they can sting unsuspecting guests on their way up from the ceremony site.

Keep Everybody Comfortable for the Outdoor Ceremony

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

The heat of the day can be brutal if you’re not prepared for it, so have plenty of water bottles on hand.

Consider renting a tent and some chairs in case your guests need to escape from the sun or rain but keep them close enough that they’ll still feel like it’s an outdoor wedding.

Include screens upfront during the outdoor ceremony just in case any pesky mosquitoes are buzzing around; plus, screens provide more shade than umbrellas when photos are being taken after the ceremony is over.

Check with your venue about things like mosquito nets, as well – this could save both yourself and your guests a lot of aggravation!

To help offset wet ground underfoot (which will only worsen once people start walking outside), use something like a rubber mat or sisal rug.

You can’t beat the natural beauty of an outdoor wedding, but take precautions by keeping your guests hydrated and comfortable with plenty of seating available in case they need to escape the sun for whatever reason!

  • The screens are great if there are any pesky mosquitoes around (plus it gives extra shade when taking photos!)
  • Keep water bottles on hand – as well as cups if people want to drink outside. It gets hot out there, so make sure everyone stays hydrated!
  • Consider where your chairs will be placed before deciding anything else; then build from that point accordingly. If they’re too close together, people might

Create a plan B you love for outdoor ceremony

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

There are many reasons to have a backup plan for your outdoor wedding, but you want it to be one that will make you happy.

Think about incorporating fun details into the indoor ceremony, so even if things go south on your big day, there is still something special waiting inside with champagne and badminton!

You’re smart for having a backup indoor plan, but you need to make sure it will bring joy on your wedding day.

For example, if Plan A ends up getting rained out or too hot outside, then have some fun with the details of your Plan B so people can still enjoy themselves and celebrate in style no matter where they are!

Put extra thought into makeup, hair, and wardrobe

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

Makeup will have to be reapplied, hair pinned up and down with goopy product galore.

And don’t forget the shoes! If you are wearing outdoor wedding flats, then it’s going to get dusty or wet. It would be best if you had a change of clothes too – think about changing into a different outfit after the ceremony is over for pictures outside in comfort and style instead of having something that looks like it was stuffed inside an old suitcase all day long.

If you’re looking to have your outdoor ceremony, the hair and makeup style must be wind-proof. Talk with a stylist about what would work best for you based on your hair type as well as the expected weather before choosing between an updo or flowing locks.

If there may be humidity at your wedding, make sure not to choose something too heavy in terms of application; instead, look into using more natural products such as mascara rather than eyeliner since they’re less likely to run when exposed directly onto sweat glands from heat exposure!

Make sure your guest stay updated

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

The weather has the ability to change a bride’s plans at any time. That is why it is always important for brides, grooms, and guests alike to keep up with changes through social media and your wedding website!

For example – if inclement weather forces an outdoor ceremony inside or vice versa- you can make sure that many people are prepared ahead of time by updating their event description on Facebook accordingly.

In this way, everyone will be ready from before they arrive, which means there won’t have to worry about changing shoes in case the venue switches last minute; no need for extra goodies like umbrellas because most likely someone else already knows what’s going on beforehand (and even better: nobody would have been forced outside into rain without being prepared for it.

Your wedding website is a great place to keep everyone up to date on any changes due to weather. You can also use your site as an opportunity for guests, giving them the information they need well in advance of the big day.

For example, you could let them know what type of clothing will work best or offer tips about how much time it’ll take from one location at the reception hall (i.e., ceremony) to another (reception).

This way, they won’t show up wondering and get frustrated waiting around if things don’t go quite according to schedule—not only does this help make sure that everything goes smoothly, but it makes people feel more prepared, which means less grumbling!

Talk to your vendors

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

If you’re planning to have an outdoor ceremony, it’s important to let your vendors know. This is especially true if the outdoor venue requires a tent or other protection from whether—you don’t want any surprises on the day of!

Talk to your caterer about what outdoor dishes they offer and ask them how long food will stay at an appropriate temperature without refrigeration. You may also need specific utensils for eating (e.g., forks instead of spoons) so make sure that these are available as well when setting up tables outdoors.

Additionally, consider whether guests might require more bathroom facilities than usual since people typically only go before heading out in case there isn’t one nearby once they’re

Not only should you let all your vendors know about both your outdoor ceremony and a backup plan, but you should also ask them for advice.

Chances are they’ve all worked at outdoor weddings before and can offer some tips on how to decorate or keep bugs away. The more information, the better prepared we’ll be!

Be flexible

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding for what feels like forever, and now it’s finally here. You want everything to be perfect, but you need not worry about that because the most important thing is both of you are married!

That being said, there may come a time when something goes wrong on your big day. Don’t fret, though; if things do go awry, don’t just let them happen without trying to fix them yourself or with help from others–roll with it instead! For example:

Have some umbrellas handy when inclement weather comes along to have romantic rainy portraits taken while also keeping everyone dry during the ceremony itself.

And remember that whatever happens will make an awesome story later down the line — nobody can predict.

The most important thing about your outdoor ceremony wedding is the fact that you’re finally married to your best friend.

Okay, so maybe things didn’t turn out as planned, and it may not be perfect… but in times like these, roll with the punches! For instance – have some umbrellas on hand for romantic rainy portraits if inclement weather should strike at any point during your ceremony.

Instead of dwelling upon what could go wrong or worrying over something unexpected happening (like a thunderstorm), focus on all of those little moments where everything went right; enjoying every second spent together from this moment forward will lead to an absolutely stunning memory worth cherishing forevermore.

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