Videography is a vital addition to wedding photos. Where the photos capture your memorable moments forever, video allows you to experience them in motion and energy with all of their beautiful nuances – from personal vows, ceremony speeches by family members/friends on your big day that flew by too quickly for words.

You planned this incredible event meticulously for months (and it was worth every minute!), so why not have a video as well? Videographers will help preserve some of your favorite memories and show you again how amazing those feelings were, whether they be laughter or tears!

Why is wedding videography just as important as photography?

Every bride wants to make sure her wedding is captured perfectly. You want to remember every detail and be able to relive it any time you want – that’s why video has become a major part of weddings these days. But what exactly is the difference between photography and videography?

Photography captures still shots, while video offers much more than just those photos. Videographers can capture not only your beautiful moments but also all the fun little things happening around you, like your friends goofing off or someone surprising you with a special dance number!

The best news is that both photography and videography work together so well – they’re each other’s biggest allies on your big day!

Most couples regret not having videography after their wedding.

It is no secret that weddings are one of the most important days in two people’s lives. Couples invest a lot into their wedding day, including time and money. Oftentimes, couples spend so much on decorations and food for guests but do not consider how they will capture memories of this big event.

A wedding video captures all those precious moments with family and friends to share throughout the years to come. It also provides an opportunity for you to relive your special day repeatedly as if it were happening live! Don’t regret missing out on these priceless memories just because you didn’t think about videography early enough or couldn’t afford it at first glance.

I am here to say that while videography may be more expensive than other aspects of your wedding, but in the long run, you’ll be glad you invested.  Get in touch so we can combine both photography and videography services together for you!