The Gassaway Mansion is a wedding venue located in heart of Greenville, SC. The mansion is known to give a historic vibe, somewhat resembles an old castle combined with a mansion-style building. They call it Isaqueena. It was built in late 1919 and 1924.

It was a road for me as I had to drive about 3hrs from my hometown of Dahlonega, GA.  Something which I always do enjoy doing.

Getting Ready – Groom & Groomsmen

However, our story for today did not begin at the Gassaway mansion, which was about 8 miles away in a hotel where the groom was getting ready. I had the pleasure of covering the groom and his boys getting ready for the wedding.

As usual, the first thing I do is to grab the groom’s details and then I can focus on them being boys. It’s always fun to photograph the groom and groomsmen because well, we do stupid things and it looks all-natural in the photos.

The hotel was a bit on the tight end, so once the guys got dressed, I took them outside, where I can be more creative with the surroundings.

Something Creative at the Gassaway Mansion

Upon arriving at the gassaway mansion, I had just a rush of creative ideas to take during the wedding and was really hoping that the groom and bride were up for the challenge. Since we had time before the ceremony I asked the groom if he wanted a creative shot, and this is what I got.

gassaway mansion wedding greenville sc 010

The Ceremony

Inside the wedding venue where the ceremony was taken place the room was a bit tight. So moving around was not an option epically since I would be right in the middle of everyone’s view. Most of my shots for the ceremony were taken rather from a distance.

The Wedding Reception at the Gassaway Mansion

The wedding reception was held next to the gassaway mansion inside a covered tent. With portable heaters all over the tent to make sure the guest was kept warm. Since the wedding was in February it was a cold day.

The tent had plenty of lighting setup so that’s always a good thing for the photographers. I just had to set up two lights to make sure I had enough to grab all the shots inside the tent.

After the dinner started and I saw that the bride and groom had already eaten, I asked if they wanted some creative shots. I already had three in mind that I wanted to capture. It’s always nice when the couple agrees. Because I really hate to disrupt their day if they are really enjoying it.