The Cottage Vineyards and Winery Engagement

Autumn & Aaron

We had an amazing time today at the Cottage Vineyard and Winery in Cleveland, GA with Autumn & Aaron shooting their engagement session.   Make sure you also check out the youtube video we created of the behind the scene session with Autumn & Aaron.  Make sure you can grab some popcorn thou 🙂

A Delay in the Session

Our original location was closed due to the coronavirus as we didn’t know until I actually drove up there.  It’s a good thing I always arrive early in incase something like this happens.

We had to come with another location really quickly as we were getting close to our engagement time.  But lucky for us, Autumn & Aaron was very understanding and didn’t mind if we had to push the session back.  But if that did happen then, we would miss the sunset, which we had planned for.

Krista quickly made some calls and we had a location set rather quickly.  Thank you Susan at the Cottage Vineyard and Winery in Cleveland, GA for allowing us to shoot an engagement session, that turned out to be amazing.

First Impression of the Location

The Cottage Vineyard and Winery doesn’t look like much when you get here, but then again I am not surprised because you can take any location and make it amazing if you know how to photograph it.

We started off by taking Autumn and Aaron into the vineyards and worked our way up back to the hill.  We shot both natural light and HSS so you might see a variation in the images.

We spent about 30 minutes before we switch places, our next location was the big open field that showcased the bridge mountain in the background.  I thought it would be super epic if Autumn and Aaron did a dance in the open field.

Once we got to the top of the hill, I took out my big lights, since I saw the sun was setting.  So I wanted to take a shot of the sun setting in the background with the blue ridge mountains as the background.  And this shot came out amazing!

A few more shots

There were some locations that I didn’t even notice when I first arrived at the venue to take photographs at.  Our session time was almost running out, but I had to ask if Autumn and Aaron was up for a few more shots.

Super epic doors that I had to use as the background for a few clicks and the bench that also showcased the blue ridge mountain in the background.

Both Autumn & Aaron was a blast to work with, as they pretty much said “yes” to just about everything we asked.  Photography can just explode when you have couples who are willing to go with your creative ideas.  The possibilities are just endless.  I could’ve kept going on, but it was getting dark and at night time I can’t take that many images.

I believe this post actually has a lot more images than I normally put up on my blog post.  But just in case you want the full gallery, here is the link.  You will be required to enter your email address to see the gallery.  Make sure you also check out their wedding we photographed here.