The Barn at Young Harris is located up in the North Georgia mountains.  With 30 acres of panoramic views of the North Georgia mountains, it’s too sure to leave your wedding photos with a unique look and feel them.  The barn provides serval beautiful spots for your wedding ceremony, and every one of them provides a breathtaking view.

And not to worry about the rain or the cold, The Barn at Young Harris has a 36×48 covered pavilion to protect you from the harsh weather.  Below are some of the details if you are thinking about having your wedding at this gorgeous barn.

We enjoyed covering Kristy & Zac weddings at the Barn at Young Harris, a super laid-back couple who is always up for some creative shots.

the barn at young harris wedding
the barn at young harris wedding

Getting Ready at the Barn

Right next to The Barn at Young Harris, they have a little cottage made for the bride.  With entrances to the cottage from both ends, the front, and the back.  Making this a bit too easy to get where the bride needs to go.

We started our photography coverage by covering the bride first.  Since Zac was not getting ready until later in the afternoon, we spend about 3 hours focusing on getting the bride’s photographs taken care of.

However, the groom’s cottage is a little bit further on the property.  But that’s ok, the guys are tough, and not much going on for them. The boys took the show today. However, they bought in helmets that look too epic not to include them in the day’s photography aspect.

The Barn at Young Harris Ceremony

The ceremony was held outdoor; it makes perfect sense to do so with an amazing North Georgia Mountain as the backdrop.  The mountains just made the ceremony images even more flattering than a normal wedding ceremony.

I knew I had to get a wide shot of Kristy & Zac doing the first kiss with the mountain as the background, and thank god I thought of it quickly.  Later on, Kristy asked if I got that shot!

But during the ceremony, the ring bearer had his own plan, and it was just hilarious what he was doing.  He kept going back and forth and just couldn’t stay put.  I don’t blame him, haha.

Creative Oppurnity

When you have couples like Kristy & Zac who want the basic images and didn’t give me a shot list to focus on all day, you have the opportunity to be creative.  I had already gotten the basics for them, and now it was my time to do something creative for them.

I promised them nothing since I was solo shooting this wedding, and preparing for the images took a bit longer than expected.  But they gave me what I needed, time.

Sparkler Exit at The Barn at Young Harris

Kristy & Zac’s sparkler exit took place in the front of the barn at young harris.  I had to place a black light on someone’s truck since the space was limited.  I explained to Kristy & Zac what they both need to do while coming down the sparkler exit before lighting the sparklers.  This always saves time before the sparkler runs out.

While preparing for the sparkler exit, I noticed a creative shot after we finished the exit.  Once the sparkler ran out of light, I told Kristy & Zac to go upstairs for a creative shot.

Throughout this wedding day for Kristy & Zac, they never forced me to do any shots.  They gave me full control of all the images aspect of the wedding.  Making sure I got the basics and then some creative shots.

When you have a bride and groom that gives you this much freedom on their most important day, it’s only natural to give that favor back.  Not only did I give them all the traditional shots, but a lot of creative shots that they will surely remember.

Thank you, Kristy & Zac, for letting my creativity run wild.  Make sure you read my Seed Mill Barn and Julep Farms Wedding as well.  Both of these couples also gave me full creative freedom.