Seed Mill Barn, a wedding venue with a barn, and a gorgeous dense forest area for portraits. What else can a photographer ask for!

At this wedding, I had to leave my hometown at 4 am just in case I hit traffic on the way.  Monroe, NC is about 4 hours drive for me, so I had to leave early.  A small wedding, only the bride/groom and small friends/family.

The day began at the bride’s home, which is where she was getting ready. Since the only person to get ready, it was fairly easy for covering the wedding. Not really much to do but focus on her.

But of course, with the wedding, something is always bound to go wrong. And it did, her hairstylist thought they were meeting up at the salon, and Logan thought she was coming to the house.

I loved the way Logan reacted to this, she just got in the car and started driving. I told her, I’d follow because this is part of the story. And she laughed.

The Ceremony at Seed Mill Barn

So Seed Mill Barn is a wedding venue located in Monroe, NC. This venue has everything within walking distance (ceremony, portrait spots, and reception area), so it made my task a bit easier.

Robert, the groom also got ready here at the Seed Mill Barn, so my task was to take a shot of the wedding dress and then head to Robert to get some getting ready shots.

Since I was the only photographer, this made me miss shots of Logan getting ready or the zip of her dress. Which she already knew and really didn’t care… lol (My Bride).

Portraits of Bride and Groom

Either Logan or Robert wanted portraits! I was like what? I can marry you guys! Seriously, though, I am like WTF. But I did manage to get to take a few shots. Told them it would be quick and easy, and then I will grab one at the end in the barn once I set up the lights.

We didn’t have to walk far for the portraits session as the chosen place was very close to the wedding ceremony area. I also didn’t realize the color of Logan’s bouquet was green! Ahh, it will not pop 🙁

Wedding Reception

Now, this is the part I hated. I didn’t really like the inside of the wedding reception at Seed Mill Barn, because it was all wood. And wood is hard to bounce light off as it absorbs the light.

I like telling my clients right away, and I told Logan, that the images will be ok, nothing great. She really didn’t care too much.. haha again (my bride <3). But despite that, I always try to make them good enough. Even thou, the bride doesn’t want amazing pictures, I do.

This leaves me to full creativity when the brides just don’t care. I can do my heart content. I did tell Logan, that I want to create one amazing shot of you two in the barn. And that is of course the feature image for this blog post.

Make sure you check out their full gallery as I don’t put all the images on the blog post. And of course, ready other weddings shot as well.