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Hey guys and ladies!  Thanks for clicking my ad on facebook.  I know how you got here 🙂

Let’s get right to the point, so we do not waste each other’s time and I am the type that doesn’t like to hide things so I will be honest.  I am Candid & Creative wedding photographer based out of Dahlonega, GA.  I have been photographing weddings for 3 years now working for various 3rd party companies, and I am looking to get started on my own as my own brand.  

I hope this makes sense.  I know what I am worth so despite that I am offering wedding photography at a discount rate if you do not mind to do a few things for me during and after the wedding.  But let’s get the good stuff out of the way at let you know what you will be getting.

What you get from this?

About this guy.. Hitesh

I am a bit of goofy, adventures photographer that always trips over things during wedding.  Running around grab lights, running in front of you to get some candid shots of you walking around, laid back and just a joy to work with.  You will see in our Skype meeting.  I want to enjoy photographing your wedding as much as you having it 🙂

But I can’t shoot every couple.  Over the 3 years I have been doing wedding I realized that not all couples are the same.  Some likes the goofy personality, and some are just annoyed with it. 

I like working with couples who do not have a shot list and goes with the flow, but yet still wants the basic images captured, and do not mind doing things out of the normal to get some epic images (yes this means getting a tad bit dirty!)  Don’t worry we won’t be mud wrestling to get images.  Just try something different that’s all 🙂

Not how I photograph, but I do feel like this when it's time for the portrait session LoL

What I need from you after your wedding?

So if you read all this, congrats haha… We may work well together.  

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