We have seen it all, and now we give you 10 tips to help ease your stress on your wedding day. We take the pressure off by letting you in on a little bridal secret; there are some things you don’t have to sweat.

Don’t worry about the weather. Sleet happens. And rain. And snow. On your wedding day.

But face it, this is one wedding-day detail over which you have no control. In fact, many cultures believe rain on a celebration is good luck. Of course, if your celebration is outdoors, a contingency plan can’t hurt. Make arrangements for a tent large enough to protect you and your guests from the elements, or schedule a backup plan for indoors. You may even want to tuck a note in with your invites that says, “In case of rain, the ceremony will be held at Then seal the envelope and forget about it!

Don’t worry about guests not showing up.

Yes, your wedding day is critical, but not everyone who promises to come will actually arrive: People break their legs, miss flights, win trips to Paris (well, okay, it’s not very likely, but you get the point). A few weeks before the wedding, go through any outstanding response cards. You, your mom, maid, or a friend could call and politely inquire since it may be possible they never got the invite. Then give your caterer as accurate a headcount as possible within the time frame set out in your contract. But on the big day itself, enjoy those in attendance, and don’t think twice about those who are not.

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Don’t worry about unexpected guests, will cousin Mary bring her baby?

Will your roomie show up with her latest barroom heartthrob? You’ve made your no-dates (or no-children) wishes clear on the invitation and through casual conversation, but know that add-ons may still show up. The catering staff and your bridal consultant are probably used to handling situations like these graciously since even gate-crashers should be made to feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.

(Although the person who brought the extra guest has been rude, you don’t have to be.) If a stranger wanders in, though, that’s where the hospitality ends. Make sure a waiter or coat clerk is assigned to the door alb evening to politely but firmly usher him out.

Don’t worry about whether your bridesmaids approve of ail your wedding.

Choices. Bridesmaids should be there to help you, not make you second-guess yourself by pushing their opinions at you. If there’s one thing you will learn from throwing a wedding, it’s that there’s no pleasing everyone. So go bravely on and choose what you like, whether it’s a banana cake or mint-color ruffles at the bottom of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Of course, when you do need a sounding board, you’ll know whom to call.

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Don’t stress out about zits, pimples, or rashes.

Not only can the proper application of makeup conceal these little surprises, but photographers also have magic ways of making little flaws disappear. Keeping calm is the number-one way to save face (stress sends your hormones into overdrive), but a facial a week or so before the wedding may also help circumvent eruptions. If you’re prone to breakouts, make an appointment to see a dermatologist a few days before the wedding. You can always cancel if nothing pops up.

Don’t worry about being too exhausted to enjoy your wedding day.

Even if you make the mistake of staying up late to sew extra sequins on your veil, you’ll still look fresh and rested on your big day due to your adrenaline. To prolong that natural high, find time to eat! Protein-packed foods, as well as fruits and vegetables, will sustain your energy throughout the night. And while coffee and sugar may give you a short-term rush, you’ll probably crash too hard later to enjoy your wedding night, when you’ll be praying for as much energy as possible.

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Don’t worry about whether people are having fun.

If you are enjoying yourself, others will, too. That’s the fun of a wedding; it’s a public lovefest. Of course, a little special attention lavished on those nearest and dearest to you will never hurt. Have a first dance with your dad, make a special toast to your grandparents, present your sister with the bridal bouquet. Stop by each table during the reception with your new husband in tow, so the two of you have the chance to welcome everyone personally.

Don’t worry about following a strict schedule.

Sure, the caterer should know if you’re planning a first dance, a cake-cutting ceremony, or special toasts, and the staff should have a general idea of when you would like these things to take place. But this is a party, not a military maneuver.

If you want to put off the cake-cutting because you’re having too much fun on the dance floor, just let your caterer know. She should be flexible enough to go with it. And choose to take part in only those traditions that are significant to you and your groom. Rushing through a laundry list of the required elements of pomp and circumstance will only take away from the fun and meaning of your day.

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Don’t worry about people getting drunk and disorderly on your wedding day.

Tell your bartender to be aware of who they’re giving drinks to and how people are behaving. A good bartender should stop serving an inebriated guest before the situation gets out of control, and the banquet manager will have his eyes on the crowd as well. What you should think about is arranging for safe transportation for your guests after the affair. Many people won’t drive to the reception because they want to indulge freely in the champagne. At the very least, inform a local cab company of the hour the wedding is expected to end so your guests aren’t left standing in the cold.

Don’t worry about saying good-bye to everyone at the end of the party.

Your guests know that they have to share you with hundreds of other friends and family members, not to mention that guy sitting next to you, too. Don’t feel that your guests will leave with hurt feelings if you don’t kiss each of them goodnight. To ease your mind, use your thank-you notes as an opportunity to tell all your friends how much it meant to you to have them there.


Don´t worry about the day of the event. You´ve worked and planned hard for this day, and now it´s time to relax and enjoy it. Little goofs or mix-ups are often foddered for some of the funniest and fondest memories of your day. Make sure you also check out our CoronaVirus Tips if you getting married in 2020 or 2021

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