What are you thinking about for your wedding? Have you considered live stream wedding? Live video can be a great way to catch those who couldn’t make it. But before we can discuss how to live stream your wedding, we need to talk about the basics and what options you have to live stream wedding.

What if you’ve never streamed a wedding before? Don’t fear, and we have the tips and tricks to make your virtual ceremony seamless. When it comes to destination weddings, life can be unpredictable, so why should your streaming experience need to be too?

There are only a few things in life that we can truly say are worth the investment, and to invest in great quality live streaming from your wedding day, you must know what options there are.

Video conferencing, a form of digital communication that is quickly replacing face-to-face conversations, can be rough around the edges at times.

For those who want an up-close and personal view for their event but don’t have enough money in the budget to hire professional videographers or are too DIY-inclined, there are still plentiful options available, including free sites like Skype; as well as full-service packages from LoveStream starting only $450!

How can I live stream my wedding for free?

live stream wedding

Let’s start with the basics. Live streaming has been an available capability for decades and can be done in many ways; displaying simple versions on mainstream video conferencing sites is no longer the only option.

Let’s talk about some of those limitations and inconveniences so that we’re clear before moving forward!

With virtual meeting space, you can still invite all of your guests and make it feel like they’re there in person. Zoom video conferencing or Google Hangouts are two popular choices that allow for an unlimited number of participants with no time limit as long as the connection is strong enough to handle everyone’s participation.

Need more guests or a longer streaming time? Zoom & Google Hangouts offer upgrade options for these features. Upgrades for the Hangouts service start at $8 monthly, and a Zoom Pro account is worth $150.

The good news is, you can have as many virtual guests as you want via Instagram or Facebook Live if you’re willing to spend your time.

The only cost you’ll accrue is for any of the ‘equipment for live stream’ we’ve outlined below. We’re talking tripods, iPhone accessories, coordinators, and more, depending on your needs.

How do I live stream my wedding on Facebook?

If you have the Facebook app on a smart device with camera capabilities, if you want to live stream your wedding for friends and family members unable to attend the event, all you need is a webcam or camera of some sort.

You’re probably already on Facebook, and you have grandparents who don’t know how to use it. I get it; sometimes, the site is a little overbearing with all of its “updates.”

But this way, your family can watch your ceremony without trying to figure out an entirely new app that they are unfamiliar with in order so that they can see what’s going down for only ten minutes or less!

Even better, non-Facebook users (even those not living near!) will be able to tune into their phones while watching live feeds from anywhere – even if there was no Wi-Fi connection available at first.

Don’t worry about being too formal when talking like friends: turn off that fear button because we want people to enjoy themselves having fun.

facebook live stream
  • Touch the selfie icon to the left of your search bar on your mobile or click “Go Live” under a status update on your computer.
  • Use Facebook Live’s Search for Live Video and select your webcam (or external camera) as the video source; you can also add a microphone if desired.
  • Choose your privacy and posting settings.
  • You’ll need to decide on two basic decisions when setting up a live feed of the ceremony: whether or not to go live immediately and if there is a later time when you would prefer.
  • Click the “Start Live Video” or “Schedule Live Video” button to live stream your event immediately. If you’re scheduling ahead of time, you can choose to share a link to the stream with your guests.
  • Before you stream your wedding, we recommend assigning someone else in charge of live chat and sharing photos with guests.
  • Click “Finish” to end the live stream.
facebook live stream

What equipment do you need to live stream?

live stream weddinglive stream wedding

Below are some of the equipment that is needed to live stream your wedding. You can get it anyway with not having anyone operating the camera, but think about what if you want the live stream to follow the bride as she is walking down the aisle.

Having the camera facing one direction isn’t ideal for a wedding. So we recommended you have someone who can operate the camera during the wedding ceremony.

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How much does it cost to live stream a wedding?

With a mid-range budget and higher-end options, you have a couple of choices when selecting what wedding live stream you can use and what’s the best options. Let’s discuss some of them here.


First Lets mention LoveStream. Each package includes a variety of different benefits for you and your virtual guests. All packages include a custom website, chat room alongside the live streaming, and virtual guest book.

  • LoveStream Basic – Ideal for those who are tech-savvy.
  • LoveStream Plus – For couples who want more of a production and includes recorded video and slideshows.
  • LoveStream Premium – for couples who have an off-site officiant or toaster and includes everything you need for full production.

When selecting a wedding live streaming package, you must determine which extras would work well for your needs. The LoveStream Plus package, which can be purchased for $950, includes the ability to add a slideshow and pre-recorded videos for virtual guests of your ceremony. Your guests can feel even more at home with live streaming.

Use promo code PHOTOSBYHITESH10 to save 10% on your purchase!

LoveStream Basic

  • Stream from 1 Camera
  • 45 Minutes of stream time
  • Self-guided tech rehearsal
  • Onboarding and tech support with LoveStream specialist

LoveStream Plus

  • Stream from 3 Camera
  • 60 Minutes of stream time
  • Up to 2 pre-recorded videos in stream
  • Dedicated producer
  • Guided tech rehearsal
  • Onboarding and tech support with LoveStream specialist

LoveStream Premium

  • Steam from up to 5 devices
  • Ability to feature live remote toasters/speaker in stream
  • 120 minutes of stream time
  • Microphone and 3 tripod rental included
  • Feature up to 3 pre-recorded videos
  • Slideshow or Website upgrade
  • Guided tech rehearsal
  • Onboarding and tech support with LoveStream specialist

LoveCast simple Livestream for your wedding

lovecast live wedding streaming

Lovecast is a great option for couples who want to have a more organized approach to live streaming. The only thing you need is a cell phone to use, and your virtual guests can watch your wedding live stream from their home or wherever they are at.

Lovecast features one-click streaming access for unlimited guests, with no app download required. It even includes interactive features for your guests to enjoy – from live chat to a virtual rice toss, a virtual guestbook, and much more. It’s that simple! Use our code PHOTOSBYHITESH to save 15% off the premium package when you upgrade!

While the basic version of their services is free, Lovecast also offers a $100 Premium package. This includes customizable and interactive options for your guests, like unlimited streaming time, a guestbook, and the ability to link to your registry.


  • 90 Minutes HD Streaming
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Automatically Save Recording
  • Guest RSVP
  • Invite Co-host
  • Automatic Guest Notification - Email Only
  • Customized Covered Photo


  • 24hr HD Streaming
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Automatically Save Recording
  • Guest RSVP
  • Invite Co-host
  • Automatic Guest Notification - Email + Text
  • Customized Covered Photo
  • Customized Website URL
  • Digital Photo Guestbook
  • Guest Virtual Rice Toss
  • Upload Welcome Video/Slideshow
  • Gift Registry Link

1. Create an account with Lovecast and schedule your live stream event.

2. Once you are happy with your event setup and are ready to upgrade, you can directly upgrade your event on the host website with the promo code PHOTOSBYHITESH

Simply Eloped Live Stream

live stream wedding

Simply Eloped also has a live streaming option available. The wedding planners at Simply Eloped will help you in everything from obtaining your marriage license to help you plan out your wedding ceremony and wedding live streaming. It’s also a great site for couples who want to elope or don’t have time to plan all the details. Let Simply Eloped take care of the details.

Simply Eloped packages start at $400, and you can customize them depending on what you need. They will aid you in live streaming your wedding via Zoom.

Simply Eloped helps you by giving you expert tech support, a personal coordinator, and MC.  They can host up to 500 guests in the virtual room and will aid with helping you navigate the virtual ceremony.

Simply Eloped Virtual Wedding

Conclusion: Live Stream Wedding

It isn’t a surprise that people want to experience the wedding they love from afar in today’s digital age. Whether you are looking for live stream tips or just general information about weddings in this day and age, we have everything you need!

We’ll give you some of our best advice on how to plan your own event with all the modern technology available, as well as provide resources for vendors so you can get started right away!

Make sure you also check our other guides for your wedding planning down below!