Krog Street Tunnel Atlanta Engagement Session

Ashley & Brandon

Ashley wanted something with urban style for her engagement session and somewhere close by in Atlanta GA.  Having done a fashion photoshoot here at the Krog Tunnel Street, I couldn’t think of any other place.    She’s the type that values art and thus wanted to incorporate that somehow in the background, thus making the Krog Street Tunnel the perfect place for it.

So finally we decided to make this spot the place for the engagement session.  However, it didn’t turn out as I planned.

Stuck in the Krog Street Tunnel

It started to rain as I was heading down to Atlanta, GA.  I called up Ashely and told her that if this would be a problem.  I also told her if the rain does not slow down or doesn’t stop, we may be stuck in the tunnel for the entire session.  She was ok with that, and so we proceeded with the session.

However, I wasn’t too happy about it, because I had plans to take some shots around the outside of Krog Street Tunnel.  Thus, this engagement session was entirely done inside the tunnel keeping to the side to avoid traffic.

One Creative Shot

Since we had to stick inside the tunnel the entire session due to the rain, I wanted to create a one-shot that would be well worth the session.  The tunnel is a popular location, so the traffic here was pretty tight.  I gave Ashley & Brandon a general plan of what needs to happen for this creative shot.

The idea was that they are kissing on one side of the tunnel, while I go on the other side and grab some shots of them.  A wide shot of them kissing inside the tunnel.  it somewhat worked out, but not entirely as I wanted to add more lights to make it stand out.  But with the limited space and the rain, it shortens our ability to do anything worthwhile.

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