Julep Farms Wedding – Amy & Justin

Julep Farms is located in the northern part of Georgia in a small town called Dillard, GA. I have always driven by this place when covering weddings in North Carolina, but I would have never thought there was a wedding venue in this small town.

I had already spoken with Amy & Justin over the phone two weeks before their wedding day, and from the phone conversion, I knew that this wedding would be a more relaxed wedding to photograph.

Amy & Justin didn’t care too much for the photos except for family photos, which is understandable. They wanted to enjoy the wedding day and thus not worry too much about capturing a traditional wedding portrait. And to be honest, I enjoyed that. I had zero stress for this wedding and just focused on capturing the day.

Story begins at Chalet Village

Rental cabins right across Julep Farms in Dillard, GA. You can walk across, but I don’t suggest you do that if you intend to get married. I was running a few minutes late, as the traffic up to Dillard, GA, was not expected. Usually, it’s there isn’t any.

Amy wanted to get a few shots of her in her robe with the girls, so soon as I got there, we started shooting photos. The wedding was in an hour, so I had to be fast. The room was a bit of a mess, but that’s expected with any wedding, so I had to make fast with a little cleanup.

I wanted to get a shot of her wedding dress, so I asked Amy to wait a few minutes and let me grab it. Running around the outside a bit, but ended up shooting the dress inside the cabin. I apologize for the background mess. I didn’t have time to clean up, and photoshop didn’t help much either.

Julep Farms in Dillard GA – Wedding Ceremony

We quickly got in the car and off to a short drive across the street to Julep Farms. The wedding took place inside the blue barn. Inside was dark, and the alter was right outside, so that would be tough as I have to overexpose the background to make sure Amy & Justin in good lighting.

I didn’t have enough time to explore the area, as I would’ve found a way to get outside to capture the wedding. It would’ve made the images a lot better, but these will work as well.

There was only room for me to focus on capturing Amy during the wedding ceremony as Justin’s side was filled with the guest. Once the ceremony was done, we gathered all the family members to the front outside the barn to grab the family shots.

At this point, I also decide to grab some bridal party shots because Amy didn’t have any of those. She didn’t want them, but I thought since we were all here, why not.

Wedding Reception

At about 6 pm, the wedding reception started, and all the guest head inside for the rest of the events. Of course, the basic was to capture the day as it’s happening. At this point, I asked Amy if she wanted some portraits since the sun was about to set, and it would be perfect.

I didn’t want to force her, so I said: “only if you want.” I want to make sure I capture everything you want, and if you’re going to enjoy the day, then we can do that as well.

Amy was more of the type that wants to enjoy the day and not worry about portraits. Which again, I am genuinely in love with this attitude. So I just sat back and watched emotions fly around while capturing them.

The wedding ended at 8 pm, and there was no grand exit. But before I left, I asked Amy to let me get a few shots of you two doing something creative. Finally! She agreed. LOL.

I stayed an hour later than expected to grab the following shots for Amy & Justin. You need at least a few photos of yourself for the wedding. Since it was already night time, I really couldn’t do much.

Showing the images to Amy, she loves them all. Especially those last three creative shots I created. Amy is my type of bride, and I would love to photograph more brides like her. It just makes our job so much easier and less stressful.

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