Jewelry Product Photography is something I normally don’t do, but I did have a chance to create some images regarding this genre.  Most of my website is about weddings, but the truth is that I don’t mind doing other genres.

As a matter of fact, wedding photography has taught me a lot about other kinds of photography.  Wedding photography is a mesh of every other type of photography out there, basically.  We have food photography, landscape photography, family photography, and the list can go on.

You don’t normally see this on a wedding photography website, but what the heck.  I am a photographer, and I like shooting regardless of what type of photography it is.  Anyways, I am a bit different also.

Jewelry Product Photography at KB Zaveree

KB Zaveree is a jewelry shop for Indian jewelry in Decatur, GA.  Their website could use a little bit of work, but hopefully, my photography of their jewelry can help with that aspect if they choose to use them.

First time doing this type of photography, so I was not really sure how it all works.  All I did was show up on-site and started shooting.  They had a model, and we used some of the jewelry at the shop as props for the shoot.

We shoot about three sets of jewelry. With each set, the model changed her outfit.  The last outfit just made it look like I was shooting a royal wedding!

Equipment Used

Not knowing exactly what they wanted, I bought most of my wedding equipment at the shop.  Flashes and softbox because I knew we would be shooting inside the shop. I honestly thought the backdrop of the jewelry showcase would make a good backdrop for this session.  However, the shop owner wanted more of a plain background.

Coming from the model/wedding photography aspect, I forgot the subject’s focus was not the model but rather the jewelry the model was wearing.  I had to change my mindset for a bit here.

In all, I think I did a pretty good job with the photography aspect.  I, of course, wanted to do more and make twists a little bit.