General Questions

I get it; there are plenty of photographers out there that you can choose from.  But picking me to be your photographer would mean that you will have a rad photographer and get some amazing creative shots that nobody else can create.

Everyone can create natural light images and get amazing images.  But using additional lights to make something out of nothing takes visual skills that can only be learned by experiences.

With me, you will have a photographer that’s quite capable of shooting both natural light and nighttime photography.  My photography doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

All my images on this website and any weddings I covered are edited by me.  Since I shoot by visualizing the shot, therefore it makes sense for me to edit the image according to the vision I saw on your wedding day.

Yes, I work with Krista Ballington who I have been shooting with for the past 3 years.  After working together for 3 years, we know what needs to be done on the wedding day.  We both are creative and love doing things out of the norm.

To answer this question very easily… I would travel to Mars if you were getting married there.  As long as travel, hotel, and food is being paid for me and my team.

I do not share or sell my RAW files.  If anyone got hold of them, they can claim that it’s their work and not mine.  Think of RAW files as recipes for a chief.

Honestly, I hate it.  I know how to do it, and quite capable of making videos, but it’s something I rather not do.  But if you’re looking for both, shoot me an email and we’ll work something out.

I do not offer album prints.  If you want to order an album, you can do so via your online gallery.  It’s much cheaper that way.  But if you want me to handle it, I may consider it.  Shoot me an email about it.

Other than family grouping, I don’t like to have a shot list as it keeps me from making anything creative.  I will be more focused on getting your shot list done then captured natural candid moments throughout the day.

No worries, ask via email and I will get it answered.  This is only a short list of questions I have come across so I will be updating this page often.

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Send an initial email with your wedding date.  I’ll send you a contract if I am available for your wedding date, in which you can look over it.  If everything looks good, sign and pay the retainer fee to hold your date.  (retainer is non-refundable)

30% of the total price.  The rest is due 30 days prior to your wedding date.  If your wedding date is less than 30 days away, you are required to pay the full amount.

Nope.  Whoever is the first to sign and pay the retainer get’s the date.

If something like this is to happen again, then it’s an act of GOD and beyond my control or yours.  I can completely understand how you must feel about it, but I can not refund your retainer.  If you have paid the full amount, then I will keep my retainer fee and give you back the rest.