Elegant wedding clutches are a must-have for any bride on her special day. When you think of the word “clutch,” what comes to mind? A purse, right? But what is the difference between a clutch and a purse?

Clutches are usually smaller in size than purses – they’re perfect for carrying your ID, lipstick, and other small items that you may need throughout the evening. The best part about clutches is that there are so many different types to choose from!

Weddings are filled with beautiful memories, and a clutch for the evening will not distract from these moments. It is crucial to keep in mind that clutches should be kept simple – gold or silver usually work best, as they don’t take away attention from your dress.

If you’re looking for something more unique than a standard clutch, try one of our faux fur wedding clutches! They come in different colors, so it’s easy to find one that suits your style perfectly.

What is a Wedding Clutch?

A clutch purse is a handbag that typically features a long strap and little or no external pockets. The term “clutch” derives from the word “to clutch,” which refers to holding something tightly in one’s hands.

Clutches are often small enough to be held in one hand, but some clutches can also be worn over the shoulder on occasions such as weddings or other formal events. It’s meant to hold just enough items for you and your partner – lipstick, cash, ID card – but not much more.

Clutch bags have been popular since the 1930s, when they were first worn by Hollywood actresses such as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich in their films.

Clutches come in many shapes and sizes. Some clutches have long handles that allow you to wear them on your arm like a traditional handbag or clutch; others may only have short straps so they can always stay tucked under the arm when not being used.

A few other common types of wedding clutches includes:

  • evening purses
  • wristlets (which strap onto your wrist)
  • shoulder bags
  • crossbody bags (which strap across one side of your body)

What is an Evening Purse?

The evening purse is traditionally smaller than an average-sized woman’s purse. Evening purses are usually designed with metal clasps, handles, and feet for added durability when carrying your essentials while dancing at an event like a wedding reception or ballroom dance competition.

Evening purses are typically larger than clutches and have been popular since the 1920s when women began wearing them with eveningwear as an alternative to carrying a bag or handbag.

Women wanted something more glamorous to go out at night rather than their traditional handbags or purses, typically used during the day for school and work purposes.

Evening clutches generally come in different shapes and sizes, but they usually feature some gold accents such as gold chains, rims, or handles.

Do you need a clutch on your wedding day?

Wedding Clutch, Bridal Purse, Bridal Clutch
  • Do you want the wedding clutch to carry your phone, keys, other small things?
  • Do you want to use it as emergency kit during your reception?
  • Are you looking for something stylish or elegant?

If you are a bride, there is a good chance that you have been asked that question. The answer to this question will be different for everyone, but it depends on what you need the clutch for.

It is unnecessary, but it can be convenient for holding things like money, lipstick, and even cell phones. Others may want one because their dress doesn’t have pockets or because their dress has an awkward place where pockets would go.

Where should the clutch be placed at dinner?

For centuries, the debate has raged on about where to place a wedding clutch at dinner. On the one hand, some say that it should be placed in front of you so guests can help themselves and not interrupt conversations. Others argue that it should be placed behind you or off to the side to not distract from your conversation with your date.

Clutches are a lot more versatile than they used to be. There is no set rule where a clutch needs to go, but it often goes on your person while you’re not using it and can sit on your lap or next to you.

Do you want your wedding clutch to be placed on the table or in your lap? There is no right or wrong answer because it comes down to personal preference. Some people want their hands free at dinner, while others like to have a place for their phone and lipstick.

Whether you are sitting next to someone or across from them, the only rule is that the clutch should be in front of you when not in use so as not to obstruct anyone’s view.”

If there’s nowhere else for it, most clutches will fit under the table in front of you- make sure that people sitting near you don’t trip over them! What matters most is making sure that whatever you need from the bag has easy access (usually meaning putting things like phones in pockets).

Wedding Clutch Conclusion

Today, most brides will have at least one evening purse for their wedding day and a clutch or small handbag to be used as an accessory during the reception. The right side of the clutch can make all the difference in your appearance on this special occasion.

Your final decision should depend on whether you want to attend any post-wedding events after dinner that night. If not, then it’s best if you carry only your phone and lipstick with you in a dressier clutch (such as a wristlet) so that your hands are accessible throughout the ceremony.

However, if you plan to attend other receptions following your event, then go ahead and bring both kinds of bags with you! You’ll need something more practical since these events may involve a lot of standing and mingling.