I remember two years, and I shoot my first wedding in the Charlotte, NC region at the Dennis Vineyards. It’s relaxing to cover a wedding at a location that is already known. For this wedding, I didn’t have to scout for location by arriving early. I knew all the right spots already, so I had a good idea of planning out the day.

Amy & Justin didn’t care too much for the photos except for family photos, which is understandable. They wanted to enjoy the wedding day and thus not worry too much about capturing a traditional wedding portrait. And to be honest, I enjoyed that. I had zero stress for this wedding and just focused on capturing the day.

Not to get confused with A Place in the Vineyard Wedding Venue.

Dennis Vineyard & A Place in the Vineyard are the same venues, just different names. It looks me quite some time to realize that its’ the same wedding venue. I believe one of the terms is an older name that was changed but still stuck around.

Make sure you check out the wedding I shot at A Place in the Vineyard wedding. This was a little bit different compare to the one I am talking about today. The ceremony was at a different location.

Dennis Vineyard Winery Wedding in Albemarle NC

Olivia & Logan were an incredible couple to work with. I arrived at the Dennis Vineyard a little bit early to see where everything was taking place. Upon arrival, I meet Logan, and we just started to speak while scouting the area and start planning on how I want to shoot this wedding.

Having a rough idea of all the places I want to cover for images, I headed back inside to start capturing the getting ready of both Olivia and Logan. Since the room is right next door, it was not a problem to jump back and forth.

The only thing I had to keep in mind was to make sure they do not see each other. Olivia only wanted Logan to see her when she was walking down the aisle.

The only thing I dislike about getting ready now is all the clutter surrounding the getting ready area. So most of the time, I usually move them to a place where it’s clutter-free. But sometimes, we can not avoid it, and often those little details add to the story.

Portrait Session with Groomsmen & Bridesmaid

The guys usually are ready within a matter of time, and they are usually the ones that are a bit stupid and silly, which is always a blast when doing photography. We can create some off the chart, super epic, crazy shots that are unique.

I took the boys out to the old barn at the Dennis Vineyard and made sure they were covered in shadow to avoid the harsh sunlight. Doing the typical group shot, singles with the groomsmen, and a solo shot of the groom, I was able to knock this out within 30 minutes.

So once they are done, I had to run over and make sure Olivia was nowhere around. Hide the guys and bring Olivia and her bridesmaid out. Because of the wedding dress, I didn’t want to take the group out too far. So I kept it close by the old barn.

Wedding Ceremony at the Dennis Vineyard Winery in Albemarle NC

The wedding ceremony took place right in front of the water fountain and gazebo at the Dennis Vineyard this time around. At my last wedding, I did the first look here, which was epic.

However, the ceremony in the front also has a nice touch to it. I wish water had some color lighting effects. That would’ve been super epic in the background.

Wedding Reception

Inside the main building of the Dennis Vineyard is just absolutely stunning if appropriately used. The chandelier has an epic effect on the images when are they are correctly composed. This is the only thing that I love about reception time. You can be super creative with the environment as everything is taking place in one location.

While you capture the main event, try to be a little creative with the shooting and make some images stand out. That’s my way of thinking whenever I am shooting a wedding.

I hope you enjoy my adventure at the Dennis VineyardWinery Wedding in Albemarle, NC. Sometimes, it’s a good read to see what the photographer is thinking while shooting a wedding. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Charlotte, NC area, well, you know what to do 🙂

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