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Creativity Needs a Vision

Hitesh Patel

Hey, I am Hitesh.  Not only am I candid, but also a creative wedding photographer.  From the gecko, you can tell I am a tad bit different.  From the way my website looks to the way I photograph weddings. And to the way I blog.  Not only am I a wedding photographer, but to tell you the truth, I do all sorts of photography.  I am true to what I say and straightforward with everything.

We can spend all day photographing, and the truth is that you may not even enjoy it.  Sure traditional shots are easy to get, but you will spend more time doing just that.

If you want those traditional shots, then why not shoot them in a way that’s just pure epic? Gotta, a big group of bridesmaids and groomsmen? Let’s shoot like a vogue magazine!  Truly that one shot will be one everyone will say “wow.”

What is the process?

It’s pretty simple; let me have full creative control.  And I will make something out of nothing.  This can be during getting ready, during the portrait sessions, or during the reception time.  But it all depends on one factor… you and how much time you willing to invest in it.

Don’t expect me to do something amazing with only a few hours of coverage, not gonna happen. Creativity takes time and lots of testing with lights, which is why I shoot with two photographers.

Breckinridge Banquet Hall Wedding Duluth GA
Candid & Creative Wedding Photographer

Heirloom Shots

Heirloom shots are our creative aspect of wedding photography.  We love to create those one-shots that you can look back at and remember this special day with. Heirloom shots totally depend on your willingness as well as the venue/location.

Venue Location

Your location plays a big role in what I can create

Ambient Light

Natural light at the location takes into effect

Your Willingness

You have to be up for the task

Before & After

candid wedding photographer RLM Affairs Wedding Venue

This photo took me 30 minutes to set up and then 1hr in the editing room to fix a few things to make it look epic.  I asked the bride/groom if they were up for a creative shot.  I took my 2nd shooter for light testing and then called both bride/groom over to take a quick snap.

Being a creative wedding photographer is all about two things, your photographer needs to see the shot, and you have to take the time to let it happen!

Nothing is Guaranteed

it's all trial and error

We will be the first to say this, but your images are not guaranteed to look anything like what you see on our website.  Creative shots take time to set up.  Lighting conditions change all the time, and being on the run all day can affect the images’ outcome. But we will make every attempt to make them flattery and beautiful as you see on our website.

Creative shots are 100% up to you.  You have to be ready and eager to take a few minutes out of your fun day.