Had an astonishing time with Chasity and Brandon with their engagement photos at the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta, GA.

When you think of engagement photos in downtown Atlanta, GA the first thing that will pop in your mind is the Piedmont Park.  Well, let me say that’s not the only place for some remarkable photos.

Atlanta, GA has amazing location for engagement photos, you just need to find the right photographer to see beyond the normal human eyes.

I always try to avoid the busy park, but we didn’t have much time with Chasity and Brandon, and they wanted something close by.  So, we picked Centennial Olympic Park for their engagements photo location.

Busy Park's Aren't Always Good

One of the downsides to selecting a well-known park is that it’s hard to avoid people.  Well-known parks will be filled with people on the weekends, and it will be difficult to avoid them in your photos.

I always recommend parks that lesser known and hidden in Atlanta, GA for the engagement photography session.  However, it’s not always up to me to decide.

With Chasity and Brandon, I tried to avoid as much as I can in the background, but it just wasn’t possible.  And no, photoshop can’t remove everything 🙂