Sawyer Family Farmstead Wedding

Sawyer Family Farmstead Wedding

Sawyer Family Farmstead is located in Glenville, NC, in close driving distance from Atlanta, Charlotte, and Asheville.  The farm grows Christmas trees and also serves as a wedding venue.  Making your wedding truly unique and beautiful with the view of blue ridge mountains overlooking Lake Glenville.  Just imagine how amazing it would look in the snow!

Do not underestimate this venue. The Sawyer Farms is huge and requires golf carts to be used going from one location to another.  Unless you want to walk, we decided to use the carts, since we tend to enjoy our wedding days.

Make sure you talk to Nicole if your planning a wedding at this beautiful wedding venue.  Nicole will take good care of you and be there for you all the way.  She was an amazing vendor to work with, and I can not wait to work with her in the future.

Getting Ready at Sawyer Farms

We began the day by getting ready somewhat.  With less than 2hours, and one photographer, capturing both the bride and groom can be a task on its own, especially when they are indifferent cabins on the huge farm.

I wouldn’t say this would be called a traditional wedding since the bride (McKenzie) didn’t even want me to photograph the traditional getting ready stuff.  McKenzie had a photographer friend to make sure she got all the missing shots.

Ceremony at Sawyer Family Farmstead

Right in the middle of the farm, there is a hill that overlooks the blue ridge mountain overlooking Lake Glenville.  The wedding ceremony was held just on the edge of the hill, so that the guest can get amazing view of both the couples and the background of the lake and mountain.

During normal spring season (it has been cold this year) the ceremony arche would be filled with green vines covering the metal wires on the frame, making it look pretty extoic.

Portrait Time

I know I keep saying that portrait sessions can be just endless, but when you have a wedding at Sawyer Family Farmstead, you will get confused about where to have portrait sessions.

When you have a farm filled with an epic location for a portrait session with the couples, it can get a bit frustrating to pick a few.

  • At the ceremony arch
  • Down by a small lake with a homemade swing
  • Up on top of the highest hill at venue for epic sunset
  • Down at the reception area

Nicole actually suggested the top of the hill during sunset for portraits, which I am glad she mentioned.  Those portraits just came out awesome.  The last area we grab some portraits was by the small lake with the homemade swing.

I had to crash the party early and head to the reception area to start setting up for the grand entrance.  McKenzie’s friend kept taking portraits of them when I left.


Sawyer Farms keeps getting super epic.  I didn’t even see the reception area until it was time to get there.  But even at the reception area of the farm, you can create some epic images.

I honestly wished they had me for longer coverage time, as this was one location where that extra time could’ve spent on creating something epic.  For most of the weddings I cover, I try to create that one image that always blows all photos taken throughout the day.

Perhaps next time, the next wedding I get to photograph here will give us the time we need to create something super epic for the couple.

Sawyer Family Farmstead is truly an epic wedding venue with endless opportunities to create something.  I enjoyed working with Nicole and had an incredible time photographing McKenzie and Derek’s wedding.

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We love to have a good time. But sometimes, you just need someone who knows how to take the perfect photo without interrupting what’s going on. Send us an email and we’ll tell you if we can help out!

Beach Wedding Outer Banks NC

Beach Wedding Outer Banks NC

The 10 hours long drive from home was super worth the effort to photograph a beach wedding.  We had no idea where Kill Devil Hills, NC, was until we got the call for photography coverage.  And we couldn’t wait for the wedding day, as we were super excited about it.  Just remember to bring extra pair of shoes, we had to drive home in wet sandy shoes!

We were super excited when talking with Colin (Ruby was working) about the change of plans from the original location to a beach wedding outer banks, NC.  And yes, we counted the days remaining until we can start shooting this wedding!

Kill Devil Hills, NC, brings back so much of my youth memory since I also grew up on the shorelines of New Jersey.  It felt as I was back home in Brigantine, NJ, when we arrived in Kill Devil Hills.  The annoying seagulls, the smell of the beach, and what saltwater can do to shoes!  Yeah, we got wet, and my shoes got trashed.

Getting Ready

We had less than 1hr to make sure we photograph both the bride and groom getting ready part.  Ruby & Colin rented a beach apartment which was 3-story, and we kept running back and forth to make sure we had enough photos from both ends of getting ready.

But what made the getting ready coverage so much easy was that both Ruby & Colin had no expectations from the photo aspect and gave me full creative freedom.  I love when couples do that.  I also try to make sure I get all the traditional shots, with some creative shots in between.

I did miss one shot, which I was a bit sad about, and that was the zip-up shot with mother.  But Ruby was running late already, and by the time she got in the dress, I was already down at the beach getting photos of people coming in.

Ceremony Beach Wedding Outer Banks NC

Of course, this wedding was on a beach, so I wanted to make sure I captured all the angles, including an angle from the water facing the ceremony.  What worried me the most was the public crowd.  To my surprise, the public crowd stay away from the ceremony alter, which made it easier for the photos to have no background distribution.

Of course, since it was at 3:00 pm, the sun got in the way during the ceremony.  But there was really nothing I can do to make the photos more flattering.  It’s one of those situations where you have absolutely no control over the images.  Either you take the shot, or you don’t.

We usually do the family photos right at the ceremony alter. Still, with the sun directly hitting the face, we decided to move the family photos away from the ceremony alter.  This would prevent everyone from squinting in the photos.  I rather have them relaxed in the photos than looking all angry with squinting.

Beach Wedding Portraits

I always get nervous during the portrait session, mainly because I ran out of poses to grab from the couple.  But when you have couples like Ruby & Colin, who have no shot list and not even expecting anything, creativity can go wild.  And, of course, when driving home, I think of all the poses I should have grabbed.

We started to head to the beach around 6:30 pm.  I wanted to make sure I have enough time to grab some natural light photos and some more moody and dramatic shots.  Since the sun was setting down opposite of the water, I had to get a little wet and shoot from the waterside.

Ruby & Colin just went wild during the portrait session.  I had to do basically nothing; I just kept snapping photos as they interacted with each other.

Once I had a few shots of them with the sun, I moved them over into the water and told them to start walking towards me.  I even made them do some skipping in the water (I had no idea they would go for it).  But after I took the shots, I told them I was kidding about the skipping part, haha.

We even had a visit from Colin’s buddy to do a photobomb during the portrait session.  In all, we could’ve spent more time with the portraits, but at least I was running out of poses.

End of Day

I always try to make sure I follow the timeline created for the wedding, but I completely understand if sometimes we are off a bit.  Brenda (I Do OBX Wedding & Events) was the wedding planner for Ruby & Colin’s wedding, and she also made the timeline.  So if you’re looking for a wedding planner, make sure you check her website and get in touch.  Brenda has been doing this for 40years now, so no doubt, she knows what she is doing!  Brenda took good care of making sure everything was going according to plan.

For the reception, we just had the cake cutting and first dances with mother/father.  Bouquet Toss was on the timeline but didn’t really happen because most of Ruby’s friends were not single.  So we just enjoyed the rest of the day, seem more like friends/family just hanging out than an actual wedding.

I was not prepared for this beach wedding since it was my first beach wedding.  But next time, I’ll make sure that I bring extra clothes, shoes, and even slippers.  You never know what will happen when you have an awesome couple like Ruby & Colin.

I have no other weddings similar to this, so I can’t even recommend another wedding for you to see.  But do make sure you check my non-beach weddings, lol.


special thanks to the vendors who made Ruby & Colin's wedding a fun and exciting.

RLM Affairs Wedding Venue

RLM Affairs Wedding

RLM Affairs is a new wedding venue located in Gainesville Georgia.  Resia the owner, operated it as a florist before converting the store into a full wedding venue.  The RLM Affairs wedding venue is small venue ideal for smaller weddings up 80 guest.  With a smaller venue, the locations for pictures was literally just few steps away.  There are plenty of small spots at the venue to capture beautiful images.

Resia is just an amazing planner that we truly enjoyed working with.  She has amazing detail skills that didn’t go unnoticed from us.  We loved the green vines hanging down from the ceiling making the wedding reception very unique.

Resia pretty much provides everything you need for your wedding day, from the flowers, to the cake, to the planning.  All you need to worry about is the photographer and the videographer.   We enjoyed photographing Elena & Josh at the RLM Affairs wedding venue.

Wedding Photography at RLM Affairs Wedding

We were only photography Elena & Josh wedding for 6 hours of coverage, which started at getting ready.  They didn’t have an sort of sparkler exit nor any sort of bouquet toss or garter toss.  Which is ok, since most weddings now don’t have every small details of a traditional wedding.

I had the opportunity to focus on getting ready for groom and groomsmen.  The RLM Affairs groom’s room has an unique look to it, which I really enjoyed.  The bride’s room was even more unique with a full size mirror for the bride to get ready in.

Being creative inside RLM Affairs Venue

There are two spots inside the RLM Affairs venue that we just had to take advantage of.  The way Resia setup the bride and groom’s dinner table and the hallway right before the bride and groom’s room.

Josh actually asked us if we could capture a image of just him and Elena in the hallway, otherwise we wouldn’t have even notice the hallway.

RLM Affairs Wedding Venue
RLM Affairs Wedding Venue

Being Creative Outside

I have always wanted to do something creative with the spot where we did the first look for the bride and groom.  I had vision this while we were shooting early.  My idea was to color the tree branches with a red color (matching the brides flowers) with them inside.

This was the first time I tried this, and I mention to Elena & Josh that this image may or may not turn out great.  But it all starts with an idea.

It’s true that I am a non traditional photographer simply because I rather spend the time and effort creating something like this.  This one shot is something you want to print out on a big canvas and hang on your wall.

RLM Affairs Wedding Venue

Ceremony & Reception

With a smaller wedding, the ceremony and reception both went by quickly.  Actually the ceremony went by so fast, that I was questioning rather it was done or not.

Elena & Josh didn’t have a bouquet toss or gather toss, and went straight into the grand entrance along with the first dance for both groom and bride with mother and father.