6 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Reception

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

Weddings are an excellent time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. They can also be stressful, especially if you’re planning it all yourself. This blog post will give you some tips on how to plan the perfect wedding reception so that your special day is unforgettable!

Keep It Simple

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

One of the keys to having a wedding reception that everyone will enjoy is keeping it simple. Don’t try and show off your culinary skills, or go all out on decorations if you’re not really into them – this can be stressful for you when trying to prepare everything yourself! Keep in mind what’s important because those are memories that people will take with them.

For example, don’t spend time baking pies from scratch just so they look perfect but instead focus on serving delicious apple pie from Costco by Ovenly or any other wholesale bakery near me.

In addition, keep food accessible to serve like finger foods rather than complicated dishes. This way, there won’t be too many servers running around and making things even more chaotic.

Don't Keep Guest Waiting Too Long

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

Don’t make your guest wait. One of the worst things that can happen is waiting in line to get drinks or food, and it’s a good idea to have two people tending the bar so guests don’t stand there for minutes on end.

If you’re charging for alcohol, keep this in mind when determining how much wine to buy.

When hosting a reception, it is essential to remember that your guests are likely not as excited as you. Ensure they have their glass or cup with something to drink while waiting for the big event.

*Tip: For an elegant touch, try using signature cocktails – they are a great way to say “Thank You”! Avoid anything too sweet like Sangria because these will spoil quickly if not served promptly.*

Avoid Micromanaging

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

6 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Reception
6 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Reception

Yes, it’s your day, but there are certain parts of the reception that you can plan. For example, picking some must-have songs for the dancing and giving them to the DJ or band is a great idea.

Your entertainment will read the room and pick the perfect song to keep people on your dance floor. This is for you, so enjoy it and don’t worry about the small things!

Have a plan for the little ones too!

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

6 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Reception

The last thing you want is for your kids to be bored and wandering off, leaving their parents scrambling. Please make sure there are a few things they can do while the grownups dance too!

There’s no need to purchase expensive favors or add-ons that will only end up forgotten in an hour anyway. In fact, please focus on great food and drinks so everyone has a good time at your wedding reception.

Having someone handling the children’s table with games like Connect Four or Jenga will keep them entertained while giving mom and dad plenty of free time.

Children should not feel neglected just because they’re under 12 years old – make sure they have something fun to play with.

Make sure everyone is comfortable, including yourself!

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

You want your venue’s temperature to be comfortable. Talk with the manager beforehand about setting the temperature on a computerized system if they have one.
It is also vital that you are comfortable.

If you choose to wear a wedding dress, then switch into your reception dress before the ceremony ends to maximize your comfort and mobility at the reception. Your footwear for the night is critical.

Choose something comfortable, like a pair of flats or, even more casually, some sneakers. After all, you will be dancing all night.

If you’re not sure what to wear, think of the type of clothing that would be appropriate for a regular party. You don’t want to make people stand around in their formal dress all night; they are wearing it once and most likely may never wear it again after your wedding day.

6 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Reception
6 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Reception

Make it Fun, Have Fun

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

6 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Reception
6 Tips on the Perfect Wedding Reception

Take your guests off guard with unique favors and surprises that they won’t expect, like goodies to take home or entertainment. You can put a literal bang (fireworks) to your reception by ending it with an explosive show!

Put your carefully planned event to work, giving the guest a one-of-a-kind experience highlighting what you love as an individual.

As with your ceremony, your wedding reception should reflect the personality of you and your mate. Just like at a party, little ones can make it hard to enjoy themselves when they’re running around fighting.

Recap of Having the Prefect Wedding Reception

6 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Reception

Keep it Simple: It’s essential to step back and let the professionals handle the details so you can enjoy time with family and friends.

Have a plan for the little ones: Make sure they are comfortable, entertained by some games if possible, and maybe even fed before everyone else gets theirs. And remember that this day is about celebrating love, so don’t forget that there should be fun as well!

Make it Fun! Step out of tradition every once in a while when planning wedding receptions- think outside of what “has always been done. Use Pinterest to get some ideas!

Don’t keep your guest waiting too long. You don’t want your guest to get bored quickly. Make sure both the guest and you are comfortable as well. That may include the temperature inside or outside the event.

wedding clutch

Evening Clutches for Weddings: What is a Wedding Clutch?

Elegant wedding clutches are a must-have for any bride on her special day. When you think of the word “clutch,” what comes to mind? A purse, right? But what is the difference between a clutch and a purse?

Clutches are usually smaller in size than purses – they’re perfect for carrying your ID, lipstick, and other small items that you may need throughout the evening. The best part about clutches is that there are so many different types to choose from!

Weddings are filled with beautiful memories, and a clutch for the evening will not distract from these moments. It is crucial to keep in mind that clutches should be kept simple – gold or silver usually work best, as they don’t take away attention from your dress.

If you’re looking for something more unique than a standard clutch, try one of our faux fur wedding clutches! They come in different colors, so it’s easy to find one that suits your style perfectly.

What is a Wedding Clutch?

A clutch purse is a handbag that typically features a long strap and little or no external pockets. The term “clutch” derives from the word “to clutch,” which refers to holding something tightly in one’s hands.

Clutches are often small enough to be held in one hand, but some clutches can also be worn over the shoulder on occasions such as weddings or other formal events. It’s meant to hold just enough items for you and your partner – lipstick, cash, ID card – but not much more.

Clutch bags have been popular since the 1930s, when they were first worn by Hollywood actresses such as Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich in their films.

Clutches come in many shapes and sizes. Some clutches have long handles that allow you to wear them on your arm like a traditional handbag or clutch; others may only have short straps so they can always stay tucked under the arm when not being used.

A few other common types of wedding clutches includes:

  • evening purses
  • wristlets (which strap onto your wrist)
  • shoulder bags
  • crossbody bags (which strap across one side of your body)

What is an Evening Purse?

The evening purse is traditionally smaller than an average-sized woman’s purse. Evening purses are usually designed with metal clasps, handles, and feet for added durability when carrying your essentials while dancing at an event like a wedding reception or ballroom dance competition.

Evening purses are typically larger than clutches and have been popular since the 1920s when women began wearing them with eveningwear as an alternative to carrying a bag or handbag.

Women wanted something more glamorous to go out at night rather than their traditional handbags or purses, typically used during the day for school and work purposes.

Evening clutches generally come in different shapes and sizes, but they usually feature some gold accents such as gold chains, rims, or handles.

Do you need a clutch on your wedding day?

Wedding Clutch, Bridal Purse, Bridal Clutch

  • Do you want the wedding clutch to carry your phone, keys, other small things?
  • Do you want to use it as emergency kit during your reception?
  • Are you looking for something stylish or elegant?

If you are a bride, there is a good chance that you have been asked that question. The answer to this question will be different for everyone, but it depends on what you need the clutch for.

It is unnecessary, but it can be convenient for holding things like money, lipstick, and even cell phones. Others may want one because their dress doesn’t have pockets or because their dress has an awkward place where pockets would go.

Where should the clutch be placed at dinner?

For centuries, the debate has raged on about where to place a wedding clutch at dinner. On the one hand, some say that it should be placed in front of you so guests can help themselves and not interrupt conversations. Others argue that it should be placed behind you or off to the side to not distract from your conversation with your date.

Clutches are a lot more versatile than they used to be. There is no set rule where a clutch needs to go, but it often goes on your person while you’re not using it and can sit on your lap or next to you.

Do you want your wedding clutch to be placed on the table or in your lap? There is no right or wrong answer because it comes down to personal preference. Some people want their hands free at dinner, while others like to have a place for their phone and lipstick.

Whether you are sitting next to someone or across from them, the only rule is that the clutch should be in front of you when not in use so as not to obstruct anyone’s view.”

If there’s nowhere else for it, most clutches will fit under the table in front of you- make sure that people sitting near you don’t trip over them! What matters most is making sure that whatever you need from the bag has easy access (usually meaning putting things like phones in pockets).

Wedding Clutch Conclusion

Today, most brides will have at least one evening purse for their wedding day and a clutch or small handbag to be used as an accessory during the reception. The right side of the clutch can make all the difference in your appearance on this special occasion.

Your final decision should depend on whether you want to attend any post-wedding events after dinner that night. If not, then it’s best if you carry only your phone and lipstick with you in a dressier clutch (such as a wristlet) so that your hands are accessible throughout the ceremony.

However, if you plan to attend other receptions following your event, then go ahead and bring both kinds of bags with you! You’ll need something more practical since these events may involve a lot of standing and mingling.

wedding cake stands

How to Choose the Best Wedding Cake Stands

When planning a wedding, the cake is usually the focal point of it all. It’s what your guests will see first when they enter and what you’ll have at every table during dinner.

If you are planning a wedding and want to serve cake, then there is one thing that you need to make sure that the cake stand looks as beautiful as your dress. You can find many different types of stands out there, so it may be hard to choose.

But where do you put that beautiful cake? There are many options to choose from, but not all are created equal! To help make this decision easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of different types of stands, how to choose one that fits your needs, and other accessories you might need to consider with your stand purchase.

The perfect wedding cake stands for the bride-to-be is one that matches her wedding colors.

If you’re anything like me, then the wedding planning process has been a fun and exciting one. One of the most important things you’ll do is find ways to enhance your wedding day with perfectly matched decor.

That said, some things in life can be just as challenging as they are rewarding – and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

A cake stand is essential for any wedding, but the perfect bride-to-be needs to pick out one that matches her wedding color. This way, she can show off a colorful dessert at her reception and know that it will look amazing on the table.

What are the different types of wedding cake stands, and what do they offer?

Many different types of wedding cake stand to choose from, but they all offer something a little different. You need to know what each kind provides to make an educated decision about which one is the best fit for your needs.

Do you want a tiered stand? A pedestal stand? Or maybe a round cake plate with an easel back? There are also other options like cutting boards and platters that will help display your beautiful cake.

  • Tiered Stands - the most popular styles of stands include tiered stands (also called tier cakes), which usually have three tiers, or sometimes four or five, depending on the size of the event and budget.
  • Pedestal Stands - which are typically made out of metal and come in various heights
  • Round Cake Stands - round cake plates with easel backs that allow for extra height for displaying taller desserts like pies, tarts, or even ice cream sundae.

Round Wooden Cake Stands
tall pedestal wedding cake stands
Tall Pedestal Wedding Cake Stand
3 Tier Wedding Cake Stand

One type might be better than another depending on whether it requires assembly or not with its plates and forks and how much room there is underneath when the stand opens up flat.

Many people have a favorite type of cake stand, and the reason may be because it offers something unique. For example, some stands are made for smaller cakes, while others can hold multiple layers. There are also stands that offer support on both sides to help prevent wobbling.

Do you need a cake stand for a wedding cake?

wedding cake stands
Wedding Cake at a small backyard wedding in North Georgia

A wedding cake stand is a must-have when it comes to displaying the cake at your reception. Wedding stands come in various heights, styles, and shapes that offer their benefits depending on what you need them for.

The type of stand will depend on whether or not it requires assembly, if it includes its plates and forks, how much room there is underneath when the stand opens up flat (especially important for square plates), and other factors.

One consideration before purchasing your wedding cake stands would be which ones require no assembly– especially if you are short on time between ordering the frosted cake from the bakery and picking up enough stands with extra plates and forks from a rental company right after getting off work!

How to choose the best wedding cake stands for my needs?

  • What kind of wedding cake stands do you need?
  • Do you want a round or square wedding cake stands and which height should it be for your needs?
  • Do you need to assemble the stand yourself, rent one from a company or borrow one from someone else?
  • Is there room under the table when opened up flat with plates that will accommodate squares (typically smaller) as well as rounds (typically larger)?
  • Do I have enough time before picking up my frosted cake at the bakery to find some rental options in advance?
  • How many are needed per person-- two, four, six?

Rustic Wedding Cake Stand

All these questions are important considerations when choosing which type of cake holder is best.

Remember: not all types come assembled out-of-box.

What is the difference between round and square stands, which is better for me?

Square stands are better if you want to save space on your cake table or buffet. They also look outstanding when they’re all lined up together with the cakes displayed nicely in a row.

There are many different stand shapes and sizes to choose from. The most popular stands for tabletop displays are round, square, and rectangular.

Round stands have a curved shape that can be either circular or oval in appearance.

Square stands have straight sides with 90-degree angles on all four corners.

Rectangular stands also have straight sides, but they are not at right angles like the square stand.

Round wedding cake display stands come in two basic styles: free standing (sometimes called a “cake pedestal”) or base mounted (sometimes called a “cake plate”).

wedding cake stands
Birde & Groom during cake cutting at the Carl House in Auburn, GA. ~PhotosbyHitesh

Freestanding cake pedestals allow you to decorate your display without worrying about it tipping over; this style of stand typically comes with an attached acrylic cover as well.

Base mounted cake plates offer a more durable option for displaying your wedding cake but may take up more floor space.

People who want to set their display in the center of the room can use either type of stand, but if you prefer to keep it off-center because that’s what matches your theme or design, then go with freestanding instead.

Square and rectangular stands are generally used as bases, so they will be easier to match in terms of size and shape than round ones; square stands should also work better for serving food at more significant events where people might need something solid on which to rest their plate while eating (round displays don’t have any flat surfaces).

The best choice is based on personal preference – sometimes renting might be the best way to go when choosing your wedding cake stands.

wedding cake stands

Why should I buy a new one instead of renting or borrowing one from someone else?

wedding cake stands
Wedding cake at The Sawyer Family Farmstead in Glenville, NC

Buying a new one is the best option if you have your heart set on a particular look–either square or round.

It also saves time finding rental options in advance, and it’s not wasteful either, since there are some great deals to be had on wedding cake stands these days. However, renting an assembled stand from event companies like The Wedding Chair Company can give that “brand-new” look; plus, they are easy to assemble!

Borrowing one may work too, but then you’ll need two of them for couples’ cakes (double tiers) unless both brides want their side of the cake table at the reception buffet, where guests will serve themselves and find seats first before feasting on dessert.

Wedding Cake Stands with Sturdy Base, enough space for decors.

A good cake stand should have a sturdy base and enough space for the cake, and room for decorations.

For example, if you have a small cake with not much height, then a smaller plate might suffice.

However, if you have a taller cake or something more extravagant like multiple tiers, then you may want to invest in a larger plate- this way, your guests will have enough room for their plates!

The bride is on the brink of her wedding day, and she’s more than a little stressed. She has to plan her entire ceremony, find the perfect dress, and figure out what to serve at her reception.

The last thing she needs is for people not to eat because their cake falls over onto their lap! A good cake stand should have a sturdy base and enough space for the cake so it doesn’t slide around as soon as someone picks up a fork.

Where can I find affordable yet high-quality options that will match my theme?

wedding cake stands
Wedding Cake at Beach Wedding in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Choosing an affordable option instead of renting or borrowing one may work best because it saves time finding rental options in advance, and there are some great deals to be had on wedding cake stands these days! Another reason might be the fact that it’s not wasteful either–if someone wants to buy something new, then they have the opportunity here while also saving money.”

Typically amazon will have some options for you to buy your wedding cake stands. However, we highly recommend you take a look at Etsy. They have better options, better prices, and better products than what you can find on amazon.

Most of the wedding cake stands on this article were taken from the Esty website.

Wedding Cake Stands Conclusion

A good cake stand should have a sturdy base and enough space for the cake, and room for decorations.

For example, if you have a small cake with not much height, then a smaller plate might suffice.

However, if you have a taller cake or something more extravagant like multiple tiers, then you may want to invest in a larger plate- this way, your guests will have enough room for their plates!

The bride is on the brink of her wedding day, and she’s more than a little stressed. She has to plan her entire ceremony, find the perfect dress, and figure out what to serve at her reception.

The last thing she needs is for people not to eat because their cake falls over onto their lap! A good cake stand should have a sturdy base and enough space for the cake so it doesn’t slide around as soon as someone picks up a fork.

Have you decided on what kind of wedding cake stands you want for your wedding?

There are so many different types and styles to choose from, making it hard to decide. One thing is sure, though- if the stand doesn’t match or fit in with your theme, then don’t get it!

The last thing you want is an eyesore at your reception that won’t go away after one use. We’ve laid out all the essential information about choosing a cake stand below so that when you’re ready to buy one, you know exactly what type will work best for your needs.

Happy planning!

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live stream wedding

Live Stream Wedding: How to Make it Happen

What are you thinking about for your wedding? Have you considered live stream wedding? Live video can be a great way to catch those who couldn’t make it. But before we can discuss how to live stream your wedding, we need to talk about the basics and what options you have to live stream wedding.

What if you’ve never streamed a wedding before? Don’t fear, and we have the tips and tricks to make your virtual ceremony seamless. When it comes to destination weddings, life can be unpredictable, so why should your streaming experience need to be too?

There are only a few things in life that we can truly say are worth the investment, and to invest in great quality live streaming from your wedding day, you must know what options there are.

Video conferencing, a form of digital communication that is quickly replacing face-to-face conversations, can be rough around the edges at times.

For those who want an up-close and personal view for their event but don’t have enough money in the budget to hire professional videographers or are too DIY-inclined, there are still plentiful options available, including free sites like Skype; as well as full-service packages from LoveStream starting only $450!

How can I live stream my wedding for free?

live stream wedding

Let’s start with the basics. Live streaming has been an available capability for decades and can be done in many ways; displaying simple versions on mainstream video conferencing sites is no longer the only option.

Let’s talk about some of those limitations and inconveniences so that we’re clear before moving forward!

With virtual meeting space, you can still invite all of your guests and make it feel like they’re there in person. Zoom video conferencing or Google Hangouts are two popular choices that allow for an unlimited number of participants with no time limit as long as the connection is strong enough to handle everyone’s participation.

Need more guests or a longer streaming time? Zoom & Google Hangouts offer upgrade options for these features. Upgrades for the Hangouts service start at $8 monthly, and a Zoom Pro account is worth $150.

The good news is, you can have as many virtual guests as you want via Instagram or Facebook Live if you’re willing to spend your time.

The only cost you’ll accrue is for any of the ‘equipment for live stream’ we’ve outlined below. We’re talking tripods, iPhone accessories, coordinators, and more, depending on your needs.

How do I live stream my wedding on Facebook?

If you have the Facebook app on a smart device with camera capabilities, if you want to live stream your wedding for friends and family members unable to attend the event, all you need is a webcam or camera of some sort.

You’re probably already on Facebook, and you have grandparents who don’t know how to use it. I get it; sometimes, the site is a little overbearing with all of its “updates.”

But this way, your family can watch your ceremony without trying to figure out an entirely new app that they are unfamiliar with in order so that they can see what’s going down for only ten minutes or less!

Even better, non-Facebook users (even those not living near!) will be able to tune into their phones while watching live feeds from anywhere – even if there was no Wi-Fi connection available at first.

Don’t worry about being too formal when talking like friends: turn off that fear button because we want people to enjoy themselves having fun.

facebook live stream

  • Touch the selfie icon to the left of your search bar on your mobile or click "Go Live" under a status update on your computer.
  • Use Facebook Live's Search for Live Video and select your webcam (or external camera) as the video source; you can also add a microphone if desired.
  • Choose your privacy and posting settings.
  • You'll need to decide on two basic decisions when setting up a live feed of the ceremony: whether or not to go live immediately and if there is a later time when you would prefer.
  • Click the "Start Live Video" or "Schedule Live Video" button to live stream your event immediately. If you're scheduling ahead of time, you can choose to share a link to the stream with your guests.
  • Before you stream your wedding, we recommend assigning someone else in charge of live chat and sharing photos with guests.
  • Click "Finish" to end the live stream.

facebook live stream

What equipment do you need to live stream?

live stream weddinglive stream wedding

Below are some of the equipment that is needed to live stream your wedding. You can get it anyway with not having anyone operating the camera, but think about what if you want the live stream to follow the bride as she is walking down the aisle.

Having the camera facing one direction isn’t ideal for a wedding. So we recommended you have someone who can operate the camera during the wedding ceremony.

LINKCOOL Phone Tripod 50" Adjustable Travel Video Tripod Stand with Phone Mount Holder Compatible with Cell Phone Tripod.
Metal Phone Tripod Mount with Cold Shoe,Woohoto 360 Rotation
Lavalier Lapel Microphone for iPhone, Professional Omnidirectional iPhone Microphone Audio Video Recording

How much does it cost to live stream a wedding?

With a mid-range budget and higher-end options, you have a couple of choices when selecting what wedding live stream you can use and what’s the best options. Let’s discuss some of them here.


First Lets mention LoveStream. Each package includes a variety of different benefits for you and your virtual guests. All packages include a custom website, chat room alongside the live streaming, and virtual guest book.

  • LoveStream Basic - Ideal for those who are tech-savvy.
  • LoveStream Plus - For couples who want more of a production and includes recorded video and slideshows.
  • LoveStream Premium - for couples who have an off-site officiant or toaster and includes everything you need for full production.

When selecting a wedding live streaming package, you must determine which extras would work well for your needs. The LoveStream Plus package, which can be purchased for $950, includes the ability to add a slideshow and pre-recorded videos for virtual guests of your ceremony. Your guests can feel even more at home with live streaming.

Use promo code PHOTOSBYHITESH10 to save 10% on your purchase!

LoveStream Basic

  • Stream from 1 Camera
  • 45 Minutes of stream time
  • Self-guided tech rehearsal
  • Onboarding and tech support with LoveStream specialist

LoveStream Plus

  • Stream from 3 Camera
  • 60 Minutes of stream time
  • Up to 2 pre-recorded videos in stream
  • Dedicated producer
  • Guided tech rehearsal
  • Onboarding and tech support with LoveStream specialist

LoveStream Premium

  • Steam from up to 5 devices
  • Ability to feature live remote toasters/speaker in stream
  • 120 minutes of stream time
  • Microphone and 3 tripod rental included
  • Feature up to 3 pre-recorded videos
  • Slideshow or Website upgrade
  • Guided tech rehearsal
  • Onboarding and tech support with LoveStream specialist

LoveCast simple Livestream for your wedding

lovecast live wedding streaming

Lovecast is a great option for couples who want to have a more organized approach to live streaming. The only thing you need is a cell phone to use, and your virtual guests can watch your wedding live stream from their home or wherever they are at.

Lovecast features one-click streaming access for unlimited guests, with no app download required. It even includes interactive features for your guests to enjoy – from live chat to a virtual rice toss, a virtual guestbook, and much more. It’s that simple! Use our code PHOTOSBYHITESH to save 15% off the premium package when you upgrade!

While the basic version of their services is free, Lovecast also offers a $100 Premium package. This includes customizable and interactive options for your guests, like unlimited streaming time, a guestbook, and the ability to link to your registry.


  • 90 Minutes HD Streaming
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Automatically Save Recording
  • Guest RSVP
  • Invite Co-host
  • Automatic Guest Notification - Email Only
  • Customized Covered Photo


  • 24hr HD Streaming
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Automatically Save Recording
  • Guest RSVP
  • Invite Co-host
  • Automatic Guest Notification - Email + Text
  • Customized Covered Photo
  • Customized Website URL
  • Digital Photo Guestbook
  • Guest Virtual Rice Toss
  • Upload Welcome Video/Slideshow
  • Gift Registry Link

1. Create an account with Lovecast and schedule your live stream event.

2. Once you are happy with your event setup and are ready to upgrade, you can directly upgrade your event on the host website with the promo code PHOTOSBYHITESH

Simply Eloped Live Stream

live stream wedding

Simply Eloped also has a live streaming option available. The wedding planners at Simply Eloped will help you in everything from obtaining your marriage license to help you plan out your wedding ceremony and wedding live streaming. It’s also a great site for couples who want to elope or don’t have time to plan all the details. Let Simply Eloped take care of the details.

Simply Eloped packages start at $400, and you can customize them depending on what you need. They will aid you in live streaming your wedding via Zoom.

Simply Eloped helps you by giving you expert tech support, a personal coordinator, and MC.  They can host up to 500 guests in the virtual room and will aid with helping you navigate the virtual ceremony.

Simply Eloped Virtual Wedding

Conclusion: Live Stream Wedding

It isn’t a surprise that people want to experience the wedding they love from afar in today’s digital age. Whether you are looking for live stream tips or just general information about weddings in this day and age, we have everything you need!

We’ll give you some of our best advice on how to plan your own event with all the modern technology available, as well as provide resources for vendors so you can get started right away!

Make sure you also check our other guides for your wedding planning down below!

shotgun wedding

What does shotgun wedding mean?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “shotgun wedding”? It’s a term that refers to when two people get married without planning it, usually because they got pregnant.

It can also describe when someone is forced into marriage with another person by their families or friends. The shotgun wedding has been around for centuries, and there are many different variations on this theme.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about what a shotgun wedding means and highlight some of its histories!

What does a shotgun wedding mean?

shotgun wedding

A shotgun wedding is a marriage that has been planned without much thought, usually because one partner got pregnant. The term comes from the old-fashioned practice of tying couples together with a string or rope called “shotgun” to force them into matrimony.

The phrase “shotgun wedding” first appeared in print during World War I and referred to marriages conducted by military members on leave who wanted an excuse for getting married before returning overseas and were killed in battle (or wounded).

In recent years, it’s most often used as shorthand for instances where parents push their children into marrying someone they’re not interested in just so there’ll be another adult around to take care of their child.

Wikipedia has more information on the full history of where shotgun weddings came from.  Make sure you check it out here.

Do shotgun wedding still happen?

shotgun wedding

Shotgun weddings are still happening, although the term is typically used to refer to marriages where one of the partners is pregnant. Parents might pressure their children into marrying someone they’re not interested in just so there’ll be another adult around to take care of their child.

And for some people, shotgun weddings can be a pleasant thing! For example, One woman’s father was initially upset when she told him that she was pregnant and planned on raising her baby as a single mother.

But once he met his grandson and granddaughter (the pregnancy turned out twins!), he completely changed his mind about wanting them all under one roof together – even if it meant pressing for a shotgun wedding between daughter and son-in-law.

How to have a shotgun wedding?

Just like traditional weddings, you’ll need to set a date and time, invite people. It’s worth asking someone who has planned weddings or attended them before they have any tips for what to do differently.

The one significant difference is that couples will want to include their parents in planning the event. It may be even more critical than usual because this wedding might also double as the baby shower!

Famous people who had shotgun wedding

Don’t feel bad if your wedding looks more like a shotgun wedding than a traditional wedding.  Below is a list of some famous people who had a shotgun wedding.

Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillipe

It all started with the movie "Cruel Intentions" for these love birds. After two years of dating, they finally got a shotgun wedding.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

They finally tied the knot when Jennifer was four months pregnant. So your shotgun wedding doesn't have to be right away!

Amanda Seyfried & Thomas Sadoski

Both couples meet at a Broadway show, "The Way We Get By." Their relationship got more robust when they worked together on The Last Word. They eloped back in 2017 and revealed the news on James Corden's late-night show.

Julia Stiles & Preston J Cook

Julia was two months pregnant when they tied the knot. They did an intimate wedding with just two friends on a beach in Seattle.

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

Did you know Alicia Keys was six months pregnant when she tied the knot with Swizz Beatz! I don't think Alicia's father came with a shotgun to Swizz about it :P

Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman

Not exactly sure when Drew was pregnant, but she tied the knot with Will in June 2012. They had their first child in September of 2012.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin

Gwyneth was four months when she tied the knot with Chris in 2003. Their daughter was born five months later in May.

Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas

Ginnifer was eight months when she tied the knot with Josh. Both couples worked together in "Once Upon A Time."

Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett

I couldn't find anything when they got married, but these couples were together for nine years. They both had a civil ceremony in 2009 and were expecting a child at the time.

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Jessica and Cash had a courthouse marriage, and one month later, pop out a baby. Jessica was almost eight months pregnant when she tied the knot.

Samantha Guthrie & Mike Feldman

Samantha was four months pregnant when she tied the knot with political consultant Mike Feldman.

Christy Turlington & Ed Burns

Both couples got married while Christy was pregnant. I couldn't find out how many months it was, but they got married while pregnant.

David Benioff & Amanda Peet

For the game of thrones fan, David Benioff and Amanda Peet were pregnant when they tied the knot in September 2006. Amanda was four months pregnant and stunned the guest with an Oscar De La Renta gown.

Matt Damon & Lucina Barrosa

Super low-profile couple tied the knot while Lucina was three months pregnant. Matt & Lucina dedicated to having a courthouse marriage.

James Van Der Beek & Kimberly Brook

Former Alum of Dawson Creek got married while Kimberly was pregnant. Again, unknown how many months.

Julianna Margulies & Keith Lieberthal

She was walking down the aisle in a gorgeous Narcisco Rodriguez gown. Julianna exchanged their vows while she was seven months pregnant.

shotgun wedding
Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillipe
shotgun wedding
Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz
shotgun wedding
Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
James Van Der Beek Kimberly Brook uai
James Van Der Beek & Kimberly Brook
Jessica Alba Cash Warren uai
Jessica Alba & Cash Warren
shotgun wedding
shotgun wedding
Matt Damon & Lucina Barrosa

We hope these couples have plenty of happy memories from their wedding day! Congratulations to them all! 🙂

Have you been to or attended a shotgun wedding? If so, what tips do you have for anyone planning the event? What other differences should we be aware of when having a shotgun wedding?

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Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

Wedding Planning: 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

Planning an outdoor ceremony can be challenging when you have to worry about all the little details. You want everything to go smoothly, and according to plan on your special day, so we’ve gathered some helpful tips for outdoor weddings. We hope these ideas will help make planning your wedding a little bit easier!

Planning an outdoor ceremony wedding is not for the faint of heart.

You have to be prepared for anything, including unpredictable weather and some challenges with bugs in humid climates or pesky wasps that love hanging around sweet-smelling flowers out there where they can sting unsuspecting guests on their way up from the ceremony site.

Keep Everybody Comfortable for the Outdoor Ceremony

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

The heat of the day can be brutal if you’re not prepared for it, so have plenty of water bottles on hand.

Consider renting a tent and some chairs in case your guests need to escape from the sun or rain but keep them close enough that they’ll still feel like it’s an outdoor wedding.

Include screens upfront during the outdoor ceremony just in case any pesky mosquitoes are buzzing around; plus, screens provide more shade than umbrellas when photos are being taken after the ceremony is over.

Check with your venue about things like mosquito nets, as well – this could save both yourself and your guests a lot of aggravation!

To help offset wet ground underfoot (which will only worsen once people start walking outside), use something like a rubber mat or sisal rug.

You can’t beat the natural beauty of an outdoor wedding, but take precautions by keeping your guests hydrated and comfortable with plenty of seating available in case they need to escape the sun for whatever reason!

  • The screens are great if there are any pesky mosquitoes around (plus it gives extra shade when taking photos!)
  • Keep water bottles on hand - as well as cups if people want to drink outside. It gets hot out there, so make sure everyone stays hydrated!
  • Consider where your chairs will be placed before deciding anything else; then build from that point accordingly. If they're too close together, people might

Create a plan B you love for outdoor ceremony

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

There are many reasons to have a backup plan for your outdoor wedding, but you want it to be one that will make you happy.

Think about incorporating fun details into the indoor ceremony, so even if things go south on your big day, there is still something special waiting inside with champagne and badminton!

You’re smart for having a backup indoor plan, but you need to make sure it will bring joy on your wedding day.

For example, if Plan A ends up getting rained out or too hot outside, then have some fun with the details of your Plan B so people can still enjoy themselves and celebrate in style no matter where they are!

Put extra thought into makeup, hair, and wardrobe

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

Makeup will have to be reapplied, hair pinned up and down with goopy product galore.

And don’t forget the shoes! If you are wearing outdoor wedding flats, then it’s going to get dusty or wet. It would be best if you had a change of clothes too – think about changing into a different outfit after the ceremony is over for pictures outside in comfort and style instead of having something that looks like it was stuffed inside an old suitcase all day long.

If you’re looking to have your outdoor ceremony, the hair and makeup style must be wind-proof. Talk with a stylist about what would work best for you based on your hair type as well as the expected weather before choosing between an updo or flowing locks.

If there may be humidity at your wedding, make sure not to choose something too heavy in terms of application; instead, look into using more natural products such as mascara rather than eyeliner since they’re less likely to run when exposed directly onto sweat glands from heat exposure!

Make sure your guest stay updated

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

The weather has the ability to change a bride’s plans at any time. That is why it is always important for brides, grooms, and guests alike to keep up with changes through social media and your wedding website!

For example – if inclement weather forces an outdoor ceremony inside or vice versa- you can make sure that many people are prepared ahead of time by updating their event description on Facebook accordingly.

In this way, everyone will be ready from before they arrive, which means there won’t have to worry about changing shoes in case the venue switches last minute; no need for extra goodies like umbrellas because most likely someone else already knows what’s going on beforehand (and even better: nobody would have been forced outside into rain without being prepared for it.

Your wedding website is a great place to keep everyone up to date on any changes due to weather. You can also use your site as an opportunity for guests, giving them the information they need well in advance of the big day.

For example, you could let them know what type of clothing will work best or offer tips about how much time it’ll take from one location at the reception hall (i.e., ceremony) to another (reception).

This way, they won’t show up wondering and get frustrated waiting around if things don’t go quite according to schedule—not only does this help make sure that everything goes smoothly, but it makes people feel more prepared, which means less grumbling!

Talk to your vendors

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

If you’re planning to have an outdoor ceremony, it’s important to let your vendors know. This is especially true if the outdoor venue requires a tent or other protection from whether—you don’t want any surprises on the day of!

Talk to your caterer about what outdoor dishes they offer and ask them how long food will stay at an appropriate temperature without refrigeration. You may also need specific utensils for eating (e.g., forks instead of spoons) so make sure that these are available as well when setting up tables outdoors.

Additionally, consider whether guests might require more bathroom facilities than usual since people typically only go before heading out in case there isn’t one nearby once they’re

Not only should you let all your vendors know about both your outdoor ceremony and a backup plan, but you should also ask them for advice.

Chances are they’ve all worked at outdoor weddings before and can offer some tips on how to decorate or keep bugs away. The more information, the better prepared we’ll be!

Be flexible

Wedding Planning 6 Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding for what feels like forever, and now it’s finally here. You want everything to be perfect, but you need not worry about that because the most important thing is both of you are married!

That being said, there may come a time when something goes wrong on your big day. Don’t fret, though; if things do go awry, don’t just let them happen without trying to fix them yourself or with help from others–roll with it instead! For example:

Have some umbrellas handy when inclement weather comes along to have romantic rainy portraits taken while also keeping everyone dry during the ceremony itself.

And remember that whatever happens will make an awesome story later down the line — nobody can predict.

The most important thing about your outdoor ceremony wedding is the fact that you’re finally married to your best friend.

Okay, so maybe things didn’t turn out as planned, and it may not be perfect… but in times like these, roll with the punches! For instance – have some umbrellas on hand for romantic rainy portraits if inclement weather should strike at any point during your ceremony.

Instead of dwelling upon what could go wrong or worrying over something unexpected happening (like a thunderstorm), focus on all of those little moments where everything went right; enjoying every second spent together from this moment forward will lead to an absolutely stunning memory worth cherishing forevermore.

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Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

Planning for a wedding is one of the most daunting tasks that a bride and groom will ever have to do. With so many different decisions being made, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve created this blog post! We’ll go over some of our favorite local North Georgia wedding venues that are sure to make your life easier during this time period.

Get ready for a comprehensive list of wedding venues that we think are the best in north Georgia! We’ll go over each venue’s pricing range- giving you an idea of what your budget should be.

And finally, we will share some helpful tips to make sure planning your North Georgia Wedding is as easy as pie! Let’s start with our favorite Mountain View Weddings…

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

A mountain view is a perfect backdrop for your special day. And lucky for you, there are a lot of venues with beautiful views in north Georgia!

Here’s a list of wedding venues that have mountains as their backgrounds, making it easier to find one near where you live.

The following passage has been summarized: A mountain view can be an incredible setting for your wedding ceremony and reception location; however, selecting from all the available options may seem overwhelming at first glance.

That’s why I compiled this list which includes many different locations so people know exactly what they want out of their big day.”

Splender Mountain

Tiger, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

Splendor Mountain is just an hour outside Atlanta and offers many options for your wedding day. Choose from indoor or outdoor ceremony sites, rustic reception spaces with exposed wood beams overlooking stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, meadows, forests, and waterfalls. Splendor can accommodate up to 100 guests on-site at one time!

Splendor Mountain has over 100-acre grounds that offer a variety of scenery, including forested areas perfect for ceremonies as well as beautiful streams suitable for walking down the aisle in front of your loved ones during a traditional religious service-all waiting to be transformed into something special by you!

Mountain Laurel Farms

Cleveland, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

A stress-free wedding doesn’t have to be hard to plan, and Mountain Laurel Farm has all the amenities you need for a simple yet spectacular event.

The spacious facility can hold up to 200 guests comfortably. Still, they also offer smaller venues if your guest count is lower or there’s another party happening simultaneously – their three barns are sure to accommodate any size!

They’ll work with your budget so that everything from catering through linens will seamlessly fit within it; this is truly one of those events where no hidden costs exist!

Retreat at Hiawassee River

Hiawassee, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

The Retreat at Hiawassee River has everything couples need for their dream outdoor wedding without breaking the bank. They offer affordable packages starting at $1,200 with all-inclusive pricing so that you’ll have a stress-free event and not have any hidden fees or surprises after your big day is over.

Couples will also enjoy our full catered menu options and non-alcoholic beverages included in every package. Your guests don’t have to pay extra for sodas or water! Plus, we offer complimentary onsite lodging so that your loved ones can relax during their visit without worrying about finding accommodations.

White Oaks Barn

Dahlonega, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

White Oaks Barn is truly a dream event space for country barn weddings. The exterior design of the venue aptly reflects its name, with 5,000-square feet of event space and stunning mountain touches – including fireplaces, string lights outdoor fire pits that accommodate up to 250 guests while providing privacy from onlookers on the grounds or balcony levels.

White Oak’s atmosphere caters perfectly to all your wedding wishes with an onsite bridal house that can host 25 people and indoor/outdoor spaces available for ceremonies. So now you know where to go when it comes time to plan the perfect celebration!

Unicoi State Park and Lodge

Helen, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

Unicoi State Park is a huge park located in Helen, Georgia, and will give you the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Whether it’s an intimate ceremony with just yourselves or up to 300 of your closest friends, Unicoi has what you need!

They offer beautiful lodges, outdoor pavilions, and indoor facilities surrounded by rolling mountains taking their site from any other place than heaven on earth. With plenty of activities like fishing, hiking trails, and zip-lining before or after the big event –you really can’t go wrong with this great venue.

The Barn at Young Harris

Young Harris, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

You’ll love the Barn at Young Harris where you can have your wedding with a full-service event planner and in-house chef so that you don’t need to worry about catering or bringing food. With dinner for guests available as well, it’s perfect!

If you’re looking for something different than just typical north Georgian fare, The Barn offers southern cooking favorites like pulled pork sliders & chicken fried steak that are sure to please everyone’s palette!

Make sure you check out our wedding we photographed here!

The Ridges Resorts on Lake Chatuge

Young Harris, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

The Ridges Resort offers a beautiful view of the breathtaking mountains and Lake Chatuge from every angle. There’s no excuse not to have stunning pictures as part of your perfect day! The Barn is also available with gorgeous mountain backdrops in any season, so you can be sure that there will always be captivating photos for all those social media friends out there waiting eagerly to see them.

When you’re planning your north Georgia wedding, don’t forget to check out The Ridges Resorts on Lake Chatuge. What better way to celebrate the gorgeous views of mountains and lakes than with a private boat ride around the lake at sunset? For breathtaking pictures as part of your perfect day, there’s no excuse not to visit this amazing resort!

Julep Farms

Dillards, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

Julep Farms is a picturesque location for your North Georgia wedding in the beautiful rolling hills that offer gorgeous mountain views. Located just minutes from Jug Mountain State Park, you can enjoy miles of hiking trails before or after your big day. With two large suites perfect for hosting both you and all of your guests on-site, this farm will make any bride feel like royalty!

Julep Farms has everything needed to host an eventful North Georgia Wedding- picture-perfect mountainscapes with stunningly scenic vistas; easy access near blue-ribbon trout streams where anglers come to catch their limits before taking them home to grill out over charcoal fueled hickory fires; acres upon acres of fertile land waiting patiently until it’s time to harvest.

We had to include Julep Farms as one of our wedding venues with mountain views in North Georgia since we had the pleasure of shooting a wedding.  Please make sure you check our work from this wedding venue here!

R-Ranch in the Mountains

Dahlonega, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

Nestled in the North Georgia mountains with a close-range of downtown Dahlonega, GA is R-Ranch. A ranch-style event venue, this setting is perfect for rustic weddings or country-themed events! The views from its outdoor stone patio are breathtaking and make this a memorable north Georgia wedding location.

Covered in rolling hills of manicured green grass with plenty of room to roam, you’ll find perfection at The Ranch House Inn!

This historic hotel is surrounded by lush gardens that create privacy for your ceremony or reception without any hassle on your end. You can have every detail planned out, so all you need to worry about is showing up looking beautiful!


Dahlonega, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

At Vezalay, they understand that your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. As such, they want to make it as easy and fun for you as possible! They offer both DIY weddings with a beautiful mountain view or vendor-provided venue complete with an outstanding mountain view that 200 guests can enjoy. With their wide variety of packages available at various price points, there’s something that will fit every need no matter what budget!

A wedding venues with mountain views in North Georgia, giving your wedding photographs a truly unique look and feel.  Make sure to give them a call to tour the venue!

Meadows at Mossy Creek

Cleveland, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

The Meadows at Mossy Creek is the perfect place to create a special memory with family and friends. They offer all-inclusive packages that include food, drinks, table linens, decorations/flowers, cake cutting service.

You and your guests will be swept away by the beauty of this venue. They offer an all-inclusive package that includes food, drinks, table linens, decorations/flowers, cake cutting service so you can enjoy a stress-free event day!

Crane Creek Vineyard

Young Harris, GA

Wedding Venues with Mountain Views in North Georgia

The Crane Creek Vineyard is a quaint mountain town that offers stunning eastern views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This venue provides full-service event planning, customized menus, and an on-site coordinator to oversee every detail from set up to clean up! You can enjoy their exclusive packages which include wine selections for your wedding day as well as photography services.


When you’re searching for a wedding venue, it is important to consider the aesthetics of the location and how your guests will feel during their time there, and whether they have mountain views.

Some weddings might be able to get away with an indoor ceremony if that outdoor view is something you can’t live without! However, if this isn’t what matters most then, we suggest looking at other options while still remembering these two key points when making your decision about where to hold your special day.

We hope you enjoyed our little wedding venues with mountain views in North Georgia guide.  Make sure you bookmark us as we work on more guides for your wedding planning!

wedding photos creative wedding poses

How to get EPIC wedding photos

It’s not a question of if you will get wedding photos, but how epic they will be. The best way to get an excellent set of wedding pictures is by hiring a professional photographer.

Sure, you could hire someone who does weddings as a side job and hope that it goes well- but what are the odds? You want the best for your big day!

You need an excellent photographer, but you also need to be up for the photographer’s task after it takes two to create a fantastic photo; the one behind the camera and the one in front of the camera.

You need to pose with the photographer, work together as a team and get in front of that camera ready for your perfect shots.

Invest in a great photographer

wedding photos creative wedding poses

There are many reasons why you want to invest in a great wedding photographer.

The first and arguably the most important reason is that it will pay off tremendously as an investment! Your photos could be worth $1000s of dollars-to say nothing about how much they will mean to you later on.

A second benefit is no matter what happens. Your memories won’t disappear with them! As soon as somebody downloads their Facebook pictures, they can never retrieve those memories, but not with these precious moments captured in time by your wedding photographer.

Take time to interview and research your photographer. Please make sure they are somebody who you will be able to work with effectively and that their style is something you like, whether it’s classic or creative.

The last thing I want to say about investing in a wedding photographer is this: don’t just hire the first one you find! Great photographers know how important time is when shooting weddings, so even if he’s cheaper than others, invest some more money for those precious hours of his expertise on your day!

Focus on the love of your life

wedding photos bride and groom portrait session

If you want to look natural in your wedding photos, don’t spend too much time thinking about posing and the positioning of your body. Instead, just focus on finding a happy place with your partner, as they’ll be who’s there by your side for all eternity!

It can be a little nerve-wracking to face your camera. But, don’t worry! Since the day is all about you and your soon-to-be spouse–don’t let posing get in the way of having fun together on this special occasion. Remember that it’s not just photos; they will also be memories for generations to come.

Ensure you have plenty of time for photos

wedding photos bride and groom

When you’re planning the day of your lifetime, it can be easy to overlook what is arguably some of the most compelling photos: those taken during couple portraits.

This is a time for newlyweds and their loved ones to relax in front of their photographer, have fun with each other off-site from guests who want nothing more than an excuse for wedding party shenanigans at this point anyway (and we all know how much they love that).

And while these photographs will not necessarily show up on traditional guest tables or as part of formal invitations sent out beforehand—you may need them long after people stop asking about when they could see pictures!

Take the light into consideration

wedding ceremony photo

When it comes to planning your ceremony time, you should consider what the light will be like. For example, afternoon light can often be too bright and drain everything of color, while evening light has that golden glow that everyone – including photographers – loves. But there’s a limited window for taking advantage of “golden hour” before the sunsets begin!

Be sure to talk to your photographer about when the light will be best for photos, and try to schedule your portraits around that time if you can. And if your schedule for the day doesn’t leave room for evening photos, consider booking a post-wedding shoot to get additional photos in the light you want.

Trust your photographer - and give it all you can

indian bride running to house

Your photos will be nothing short of stunning if you let go and put your trust in the photographer. This is a daring endeavor that requires shedding inhibitions, but it’s worth every moment because when your final product comes out–wow!

You’ll have to see for yourself what this adventure has added to both the scenery and expression on your face.

The perfect photographer will bring out the best in you and your love on your wedding day. To have epic photos, they must be taken by someone who can help make them beautiful while capturing every precious moment of this special occasion!

Other Resource for your wedding planning

best places for destination wedding

Best Places for Destination Wedding

If your looking for the best places for destination wedding, we got a list of all the cool and popular destination places you can select from.  With so many exotics location, we get it, it can be confusing on narrowing down your ideal location.

Those who are researching weddings have certainly found the expression “destination wedding”. This term is used to define wedding where the bride and groom – and often also the guest – travel to celebrate the date in another destination, and it is an increasingly common type of ceremony.

Therefore, many hotels, inns and resorts already offer complete plans for you to hold your wedding. We have selected below some popular and interesting places, in Brazil and all over the world, for you to be inspired and seek an unforgettable destination for this great day.

1Las Vegas, Nevada - USA

best places for destination wedding

Forget about the “fake” marriages of American series and movies. Las Vegas is an incredible destination to go with your love, friends and family to celebrate your wedding in a fun and festive way. You can choose one of the classic chapels of Vegas and have your wedding celebrated by characters like Elvis Presley.

The reception can be in one of the many nightclubs or in the casinos of the city, and you will have no trouble finding good photographers in the area who can record everything. A destination indicated not only for weddings, but also for vows renewal.

2. Thailand

best places for destination wedding

Although it is a destination with relatively expensive tickets, the accommodation and tours in Thailand are very affordable, and holding a wedding there may be cheaper than you think.

There are packages of all shapes and sizes, with private ceremonies or with guests, in resorts with private beaches. All details such as decoration, type of celebration, photography and video are set via email before the trip.

3. Italy

best places for destination wedding

Italy is an incredible wedding destination and offers different celebration options and different cities, Venice being the most famous of them. You can also choose beautiful landscapes in Tuscany and the boot coast, which reserves unforgettable landscapes.

Although it is possible to arrange all the details directly with suppliers and hotels there, there are already Brazilian travel agencies that make all the budgets and preparations for the bride and groom.

4. Trancoso, Bahia - Brazil

best places for destination wedding

Brazil also has places prepared to welcome you and your guests to this very important celebration. One of the most sought after places today is Trancoso, in Bahia. There you will find several inns and restaurants for the reception, or you can even book resorts like ClubMed. However, one of the most charming places is the Quadrado Church.

5. Ibiza - Spain

best places for destination wedding

Not only of a hot summer lives the Spanish coast, but it is because of it that many couples seek Ibiza as a destination for the wedding celebration. Besides the paradisiacal landscape and many hotels prepared to receive you and your guests, you will have a type of event with more lively style, making the wedding a party that can last days, with ceremony, party, breakfast, boat trips and amazing photos.

6. Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

best places for destination wedding

Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, can receive large, small marriages or even celebrations only with the couple, in the most varied styles. The city has several resorts prepared for destination weddings, with packages of various sizes and prices for you to select.

The party can be more traditional, in a place for events, or even by the beach. With all-inclusive accommodations, that is, with all the food and entertainment expenses within the package, it is also easy to calculate the total cost of the experience.

7. Cancún - Mexico

best places for destination wedding

Cancun, Mexico, is another Caribbean destination in this selection, which is also increasingly prepared to receive marriages of various styles. Because it is a paradisiacal destination with many activities in nature, it is a great option for those who enjoy tours, diving and contact with animals. As in other options of the selection, you can choose all the details of the ceremony before the trip and still extend your stay and spend your honeymoon there.

8. Greece

best place for destination wedding

A wedding in Greece, especially in Santorini or Mykonos, can be much more considerate than you imagine. There you will also find specialized places to hold your celebration and you can organize everything with travel agencies here in Brazil. The unmistakable look and architecture of the Greek coast make your big day have a very special scenery, especially at sunset.

10. Paris - France

best places for destination wedding

Of course, the most romantic city in the world couldn’t stay off this list. A wedding in Paris is the dream of many brides and grooms, with the Eiffel Tower as the background for one of the most important moments in life. Despite not having packages as complete and targeted as the Caribbean resorts and paradisiacal destinations, the French capital is also prepared to receive your wedding in the most different ways.

11. Disney - USA

best places for destination wedding -disney

And why not get married in the land of fun? Whether in Orlando, California, France or Japan, the Disney World hotels are prepared to make their ceremony that can even count with famous characters of Walt Disney. The wedding can be more romantic or more fun, with the face that the bride and groom choose. And the honeymoon will certainly be magical, with all the atmosphere that only the parks and sceneries there can offer.

12. Fernando de Noronha - Brazil

best place for destination wedding

Fernando de Noronha is another Brazilian destination in the selection. The archipelago that belongs to the state of Pernambuco is one of the most famous travel destinations in the country and, for its unforgettable landscapes, can also be the setting for your wedding. More and more, local inns and restaurants are specializing to offer the best possible service to the bride and groom.

13. Cartagena - Spain

best place for destination wedding

The historic city on the Colombian coast can be an incredible setting for your wedding. It is possible to have the celebration in the historical church inside the walled city of Cartagena, using the small romantic and colorful streets of the place as scenery. Afterwards, it is still possible to extend the trip, spending the honeymoon on paradisiacal islands nearby and enjoying an unforgettable view that only the Caribbean Sea offers.

14. Jamaica

best place for destination wedding

Jamaica has been an increasingly sought after destination for those who love nature and wish to celebrate love. If before it was a good option for the honeymoon, nowadays it is also a great place to celebrate the wedding, with or without guests. Just like Thailand and some Caribbean destinations, in Jamaica you can also find hotels with all-inclusive experience and packages of various prices and styles to make a complete celebration.

15. Mendoza - Argentina

best place for destination wedding

The last destination on the list is Mendoza, a city that is not yet among the most popular for destination weddings, but this may only be a matter of time. Holding your wedding in Mendoza may mean getting married in a hotel that is inside a winery, with the Andes Mountains as the backdrop for the celebration. The atmosphere of the event is very beautiful and romantic.


These were just a few tips of places to celebrate a wedding, be it a big event, with many guests, or even an intimate moment, just with the bride and groom. It is certain that, wherever it is, the day will be unforgettable and, therefore, it is important to count on good suppliers and plan this trip even more special.

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Wedding Shawls

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Wedding Shawls

Are you currently trying to pick out your wardrobe for your upcoming wedding? If this is the case, you will definitely want to consider adding wedding shawls (also know as wedding wraps) to your list of options. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that you will explore all possibilities and will also be able to find the right attire for you! Remember that your wedding dress is important, but shawls can be as well. Therefore, you will want to read the information below to learn all about these specific items, which should be incorporated into your wedding!

What is a Wedding Shawl?

When it comes down to it, some individuals might not actually know what a wedding shawls is. Sure, it is a piece of fabric, which is typically worn about the body. However, many people do not know about the particulars of this item. How is it worn? This type of item is generally worn over the shoulders or head. When used for other purposes, it is possible to use the fabric to hold a baby. Of course, for your wedding, you will solely want to use the item for beautification purposes. For these purposes, wedding shawls work perfectly.

Wedding Shawls

How to Wear a Shawl

When attempting to wear a shawl to your wedding, it is absolutely vital to make sure that you do so in the appropriate manner. Although you can do things your own way, some guidelines should be followed. First and foremost, you will want to wrap it around your neck. When doing this, you should make sure to allow the shawl to hang freely about the shoulders. Remember that the item is particularly designed to be wrapped around both shoulders and not just one. Still, it is your wedding, and you should wear the item any way you see fit! Just make sure that you get the opinions of your friends and family members first!

Various Materials

During the shopping process, it is highly likely that you’ll come across a variety of different materials. This can further complicate the process and make it much more difficult. Still, it is absolutely vital to explore the various materials to select the right one for your particular style and wedding. Typically, you will find cashmere, polyester, and acrylic. Each of these materials is absolutely beautiful, but you’ll need to know the differences to find the one that is most suitable for you!

Wedding Shawls

  • Acrylic – This material is wonderful and gives off a luxurious feel and look. It will usually drape excellently too. Typically, shawls made from this material will be very lightweight. They’re also available in numerous colors. In terms of comfort, acrylic is an excellent choice and will ensure that you remain relaxed and comfortable throughout.
  • Cashmere – There is no denying that cashmere is one of the most elegant and lavish materials ever. The material is extremely comfortable against the body and will definitely make you feel awesome when wearing it. Unfortunately, cashmere can be a tad bit more expensive, so you’ll need to ensure that it fits into your budget.
  • Polyester – This material might be the cheapest, but it offers numerous benefits. For instance, it can easily be cleaned and dried. The material is comfortable and can be worn regardless of the season. When worn during your wedding, a polyester shawl will be stunning!

Compliments the Wedding Gown

Wedding shawls should complement the wedding gown and not take away from it. Although shawls have decreased in popularity over the last decade, they are making their way slowly back to the modern-day trend. The shawl should be constructed out of tulle or veil fabric, but this will depend on your gown material because you want them to be balanced in color, style, and design.

If your wedding ceremony is going to be held outdoors or during the late fall season, you should consider incorporating the shawl into your wedding attire. While the material is thin, it can amazingly keep you warm without compromising your style.

You should definitely consider ordering your shawl when you order your wedding gown so that the designer can incorporate the same fabric, color, and style into the overall design.

Perfect With a Strapless Wedding Gown

The shawl is exactly what you will need to keep your shoulders, back, and arms warm if you are wearing a strapless wedding gown. The shawl will definitely be a great addition to your wedding attire, and you will look magnificent and stylish. The key to selecting the appropriate wedding shawl is to avoid thick materials because this will conceal the entire top portion of your gown from view. Remember why you chose the strapless wedding gown in the first place, which was because it allowed you to show off your sexy body.

Wedding Shawls


The wedding shawls is available innumerable colors, including white, ivory, beige, black, champagne, and fuchsia, so you will have many options to select from. Your bridesmaids will also find one that is suitable for their attire, as well.

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