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Julep Farms Wedding


Amy & Justin was absolutely a blast to work with them at Julep Farms Wedding.  When you have a couple that down to earth and easy-going, you’re bound to grab some amazing images.

Julep Farms is a perfect gateway from the busy city life if that’s where you’re from. Julep farms are located in Dillard, GA, minutes away from the NC borderline. With the blue ridge mountain as your backdrop, you are bound to get some creative images.

That’s where my adventures begin for today’s story. Two couples, Amy & Justin, didn’t care for the photos as much but wanted today to be captured and saved. Just like my Seed Mill Barn Wedding couples, Logan & Robert!

When you know your couples want you to focus on the day rather than them, you know it’s going to be a fantastic wedding with the possibility of creating some creative shots!

Getting Ready

It was a shot getting ready. Amy was staying at the Chalet Village right across the julep farms wedding venue. Amy just wanted a few pictures of her and her girls in the robes and dressed in the wedding dress.

Since time was not on our hand’s atm, we quickly got the shots and then started to pack up. I didn’t even have time to run to the groom to get his getting ready photos, but both Amy & Justin was well aware of what was going on.

Ceremony at Julep Farms

The ceremony took place inside the big blue barn at Julep Farms. The alter was right in the front of the barn, with the seating’s inside. Giving the viewer the bride and groom in the foreground with the mountains in the background. Awesome view!

Even the first kiss with this background looks great! However, no leg room to move around. It was tight, and I had to rely on empty seats or right in the middle of the lane.

Since we don’t have a shot list or anything Amy and Justin wanted, I had to ask them to take photos of the bridal party group. Since we had time before the reception began, then of all sudden, Amy thought of shots she wanted… haha.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was held inside the main building. The building’s side was used for events, while the main front building was open for visitors.

Amy & Justin had decided to play the shoe game during their reception, which I always enjoy. It’s nice to see who’s the boss of a particular task in the house.

And their story ends with a sparkler exit! But it wasn’t quite over yet! Since we didn’t have time to take photos with just Amy & Justin, I wanted to create an image using the barn. Like I did with the Seed Mill Barn wedding in Monroe, NC.

Like before, I set up the shot and then called Amy & Justin over to take the photo. Quick shot and I thought I was done. But Amy wanted to take more pictures. I told her that at night time, I am limited to how many I can take. Very understanding, and she said, “Awww…” hahaha.. my bride!