sage cottage wedding

Beautiful Sage Cottage Wedding

Sage Cottage Wedding is a beautiful historic event venue in Adairsville, GA. It has been the perfect location for weddings and other special occasions since 1901. The owners are committed to providing the best possible experience for each guest and hope that every visitor leaves with memories that will last a lifetime.

This blog post discusses how they can make your wedding day one of those unforgettable moments!

Let the beauty of nature captivate you at Sage Cottage. Alluring gardens, a calming atmosphere, and stunning views combine to create an unforgettable experience for your wedding or special occasion celebration.

Their event space is perfect for hosting any gathering large or small with its separate room overlooking wooded grounds from floor-to-ceiling windows that give guests a sense of being outdoors while still enjoying all the comforts inside – along with our spacious pavilion and open-air deck, which provides dramatic settings where you can enjoy dancing under starry skies!

Sage Cottage Adairsville GA

Sage Cottage offers an extraordinary variety of scenic settings for hosting your special event. The charming gardens offer a sense of calming that will make your day memorable in all the right ways.

A separate event space provides the perfect place to host any celebration, large or small. Large picture windows face beautiful wooded views, providing you with both comfort and tranquility

  • tweleve wooded and manicured acres
  • indoor and outdoor event spaces
  • four cottage guest rooms
  • an atmosphere of peace and tranquility
  • natural beauty
  • peaceful oasis

Sage Cottage Wedding - Brandy & Kylie

We had an amazing time photography wedding at the Sage Cottage in Adairsville, GA. Brandy & Kyle spent the night at the Sage Cottage before their wedding day since the cottage had rooms available for guests.

The Sage Cottage is one of the most beautiful and tranquil settings for a wedding. It’s located in Adairsville, Georgia as well, which provides really great scenery for not only photos but just an amazing place to stay on your special day. Brandy & Kyle had their ceremony outside with all of their family and friends attending around them. You could feel the love that they shared during this moment!

Brandy & Kyle opted to have cake following the ceremony instead of before because it was more convenient for everyone there. The reception back at Sage Cottage started with some dancing under these huge trees in front of wonderful landscaping. Everyone loved getting up from dinner to get down on the dance floor!

Getting Ready at Sage Cottage

Kyle was getting ready upstairs in the cotton room, while Brandy was getting ready downstairs in the Willow room. We first grab Brandy’s wedding dress since that is always the most time-consuming, and we decided to take the wedding dress in front of the main building.

Once we completed the wedding dress, we both went inside to cover Brandy and Kyle, getting ready. I had my second cover, Brandy, and I focused on Kylie upstairs.

Kylie wasn’t bad to photograph. Almost always, the boys are the best to photograph. With a laid-back attitude and just down earth, Kylie and the groomsmen made it really easy to photograph them. As they were getting ready, I focused on capturing them interacting in a natural, candid/documentary way.

Couples Portrait in the Forest at Sage Cottage

Before the ceremony began, we took Brandy & Kylie outside of the cottage and into the woods. The sun was setting, so we wanted to grab some portraits of them during the sunset.

Kylie being the goofy one, made the whole session easy. He just went crazy and interacted with Brandy like there was nobody around. That’s always a good thing for photographers. We need to capture them interacting naturally.

The sage cottage has numerous areas around the wedding venue in Adairsville, GA, to capture great amazing portraits of the bride and groom. If we had more time, we would’ve gone elsewhere around the venue.

Sage Cottage Wedding Ceremony - Adairsville GA

The ceremony at Sage Cottage for Brandy & Kylie was no ordinary ceremony. The ceremony started as a normal ceremony, but it wasn’t until the vows began. Kylie’s best man forgot the rings inside the cottage.

I think everyone knew what happens when the best man ran inside during the ceremony to grab the rings. Both Brandy & Kylie were giving out a little smirk as the other groomsmen started to laugh.

Other than that, the ceremony was a normal wedding ceremony. This was the first wedding; after capturing over 50 weddings, I saw this happen, and I couldn’t help myself from laughing a bit.

The wedding ceremony was located outside the back of Sage Cottage Inn in an idyllic wooded setting, giving it a truly unique setting. We truly enjoyed taking some amazing portraits with Brandy & Kylie in the idyllic wooded setting.

Wedding Reception at Sage Cottage

The wedding reception was held in the Sycamore room with 1,500 sq ft of space. The Sycamore room has large picture windows surrounding most of the room, giving out enough natural light to light the room up. But it was already dark at this time, so we need to use some flash to light up the room.

The Sycamore room easily connects to the pavilion and deck, making it easy to go in and out of place rather quickly since the grand entrances were actually taken place at the pavilion and deck. Exquisite Sage Cottage offers separate event spaces for each small mini-events.

Cake and toast were hosted in the Sycamore room, and I really love the dark gothic style cake Brandy selected. You never see this type of cake at a normal wedding. I had to create something truly epic for the wedding cake shot. So I grab my lights and began to play around with a few shots until I ran out of time.

Final Exit at Sage Cottage in Adairsville GA

The grand exit or the final exit was supposed to be a candlelight air balloon, but with so much wind during the exit that it was just not possible to make this happen. We had to get some of the venue vendors to help, but finally, Brandy & Kylie decided to do a sparkler exit.

Even the sparkler exit failed on the first attempt. We got the shots, but Kylie groomsmen decided to get right in the back after they went through the sparkler tunnel. Having a bald head in the background of the final exit didn’t look right to me.

I quickly yelled, “Redo!” but this time without the bald head. Everyone just started laughing and making fun of the groomsmen that got in the shot. Despite having the sparkler exit over again, it was just an amazing exit that ended with up great candid photos that I am sure Brandy & Kylie will truly enjoy revisiting their wedding day.

Exquisite Sage Cottage in Adairsville, GA

Located just a few miles from the Barnsley Resorts in Adairsville, GA. The Sage cottage has a majestic feel to the venue. With small enchanting forest grounds for the ceremony and numerous spots for portrait photos, you can’t really go wrong with this wedding venue.

Noreen, Shannon, and Jordan have been amazing vendors to work with, and I am sure they will be happy to help assist you with your wedding should you choose to use their Stage Cottage wedding venue as your venue for your wedding. Please make sure you get in contact with them for your wedding.

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