I had an opportunity to capture a wedding at Camp Columbus in Hixson, TN, for Jacob & Lily. I had no idea this was a private campground that needed access to get inside the camp.

Camp Columbus in a private membership only campground located on the banks of Hixson, TN, on the beautiful lake Chickamauga. So if you ever end up shooting here, make sure you have access to the campground to get in.

I had to text Jacob to let me in the campground since I didn’t have an access card. Which was no big deal since someone came and opened the gate for me 🙂

Getting Ready Camp Columbus

You can pretty much say this wedding was a DIY wedding as Jacob’s dad made everything for the ceremony alter. I didn’t get a chance to ask about decor, but I am sure family help with that part. 

Both Jacob and Lily got ready in trailers, so it was a bit hard to navigate with everyone around. I am not fond of tight space, as I have to use a wider lens. Although the images are capture, I wouldn’t say I like the look of them on a broader lens.  

Both trailers were next to each other, so jump from one trailer to another was not a problem. However, we had to make sure that Jacob didn’t see Lily at all. They didn’t have the first look, but Lily still didn’t’ want Jacob to see her before the wedding.

Wedding Ceremony in Hixson TN

With the Chickamauga Lake as the background for the entire wedding ceremony, you know that the images would be epic. I mean, how many times can you shoot in front of a beautiful lake as a background!

The weather was perfect as well; plenty of clouds and Sun would often hide in the clouds to give us that marvelous diffused light. However, we did catch the Sun popping out at the wrong moment. But that’s something we couldn’t afford for the family and group photos we did at the ceremony alter.

Wedding Portaits at Chickamauga Lake

Both Lily & Jacob was an outstanding couple a photographer can ask for. They were up for anything I asked, and Lily also had a few ideas of her own that she wanted to be captured. What better place to take them to the banks of the lake.  

We did have a few boats as photobombers, but I waited until they drove by to make sure I didn’t have anything in the background during this time. Doing usually poses, and then I wanted to showcase the lake in the scene. Of course, the Sun came out during this time, so I had to pop out my big flash to overpower the Sun.  

I wanted to scout other areas of Camp Columbus, but we had to drive around to look for them. The camp was just massive to cover it on foot. Thus we had to cut our portrait session short as everyone was waiting for the wedding couple to come back and finish the reception.

Wedding Reception in Hixson TN

The reception took place in what I believe was the center of Camp Columbus. I am not entirely sure since I didn’t have a map of the site, but it looks like it was the center.  The wedding reception was outdoor at a covered open hall sort of if that even makes sense.

Overall, Lily & Jacob was an amazing couple that I enjoy shooting their wedding. If you looking for a natural-looking wedding photographer make sure you get in touch with me! And make sure you check out Lily & Jacob’s full gallery.