Glamorous Breckinridge Banquet Hall Wedding

A beautiful wedding at Breckinridge Banquet Hall located in Duluth, GA. It is one of Atlanta’s most idyllic wedding and event venues, located just north of the hustle and bustle of Downtown Atlanta.

They offer a fantastic atmosphere and excellent service quality. Thanks to their customized help for event planning, your big day will not only represent your dream but also theirs. To ensure everything is flawless, they stop at nothing.

For photography wise, this banquet hall wedding venue offers some unparalleled backdrop to create some amazing images.  With all the natural ambient lights the venue gives out, it’s sure to make your images give an extra pop!  We had an amazing time covering Hillary & Terrell’s wedding at this venue.

Getting Ready at Hampton Inn

Like all wedding, there is always a story for getting ready.  Both Hillary & Terrell started their story by getting ready at the Hampton Inn in Duluth, GA.  This made going around between the two a bit easier since they were only one floor apart.

We started with covering the groom since they are always easier, and quicker.  We don’t usually need much time with the groom, but for the ladies, it’s a different ball game.

Once we got done covering the boys, we headed straight up the girls to capture their getting ready.  The hotel didn’t really have an ideal place for the wedding dress, so we decided to shot it at the hallway near the elevator.  The shot does not look like it was shot in a hotel lobby, however.

Portraits at Lillian Webb Park

Before the wedding day, Hillary mention that the hotel doesn’t have a really nice location for portraits.  So we agreed to head to Lillian Webb Park for the portrait sessions.  We did all the portraits, family photos, and even the first look at this park.

Since everyone had to get to the park, we did the first look first followed by the couple’s portrait session, and lastly the family and group photos.

Ceremony & Reception at Breckinridge Banquet Hall

The wedding ceremony took place at the bottom half of the Breckinridge Banquet Hall, while the reception was on the top half of the building.  We truly loved the way they had décor in both the wedding ceremony and reception area.  With so much natural ambient light, we knew these images would be awesome.

After shooting weddings at barns and ranches, the banquet hall sure gives us a unique twist to our images.  We hope you enjoy our work from Breckinridge Banquet Hall Wedding in Duluth, GA!