If your looking for the best places for destination wedding, we got a list of all the cool and popular destination places you can select from.  With so many exotics location, we get it, it can be confusing on narrowing down your ideal location.

Those who are researching weddings have certainly found the expression “destination wedding”. This term is used to define wedding where the bride and groom – and often also the guest – travel to celebrate the date in another destination, and it is an increasingly common type of ceremony.

Therefore, many hotels, inns and resorts already offer complete plans for you to hold your wedding. We have selected below some popular and interesting places, in Brazil and all over the world, for you to be inspired and seek an unforgettable destination for this great day.

1Las Vegas, Nevada - USA

best places for destination wedding

Forget about the “fake” marriages of American series and movies. Las Vegas is an incredible destination to go with your love, friends and family to celebrate your wedding in a fun and festive way. You can choose one of the classic chapels of Vegas and have your wedding celebrated by characters like Elvis Presley.

The reception can be in one of the many nightclubs or in the casinos of the city, and you will have no trouble finding good photographers in the area who can record everything. A destination indicated not only for weddings, but also for vows renewal.

2. Thailand

best places for destination wedding

Although it is a destination with relatively expensive tickets, the accommodation and tours in Thailand are very affordable, and holding a wedding there may be cheaper than you think.

There are packages of all shapes and sizes, with private ceremonies or with guests, in resorts with private beaches. All details such as decoration, type of celebration, photography and video are set via email before the trip.

3. Italy

best places for destination wedding

Italy is an incredible wedding destination and offers different celebration options and different cities, Venice being the most famous of them. You can also choose beautiful landscapes in Tuscany and the boot coast, which reserves unforgettable landscapes.

Although it is possible to arrange all the details directly with suppliers and hotels there, there are already Brazilian travel agencies that make all the budgets and preparations for the bride and groom.

4. Trancoso, Bahia - Brazil

best places for destination wedding

Brazil also has places prepared to welcome you and your guests to this very important celebration. One of the most sought after places today is Trancoso, in Bahia. There you will find several inns and restaurants for the reception, or you can even book resorts like ClubMed. However, one of the most charming places is the Quadrado Church.

5. Ibiza - Spain

best places for destination wedding

Not only of a hot summer lives the Spanish coast, but it is because of it that many couples seek Ibiza as a destination for the wedding celebration. Besides the paradisiacal landscape and many hotels prepared to receive you and your guests, you will have a type of event with more lively style, making the wedding a party that can last days, with ceremony, party, breakfast, boat trips and amazing photos.

6. Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

best places for destination wedding

Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, can receive large, small marriages or even celebrations only with the couple, in the most varied styles. The city has several resorts prepared for destination weddings, with packages of various sizes and prices for you to select.

The party can be more traditional, in a place for events, or even by the beach. With all-inclusive accommodations, that is, with all the food and entertainment expenses within the package, it is also easy to calculate the total cost of the experience.

7. Cancún - Mexico

best places for destination wedding

Cancun, Mexico, is another Caribbean destination in this selection, which is also increasingly prepared to receive marriages of various styles. Because it is a paradisiacal destination with many activities in nature, it is a great option for those who enjoy tours, diving and contact with animals. As in other options of the selection, you can choose all the details of the ceremony before the trip and still extend your stay and spend your honeymoon there.

8. Greece

best place for destination wedding

A wedding in Greece, especially in Santorini or Mykonos, can be much more considerate than you imagine. There you will also find specialized places to hold your celebration and you can organize everything with travel agencies here in Brazil. The unmistakable look and architecture of the Greek coast make your big day have a very special scenery, especially at sunset.

10. Paris - France

best places for destination wedding

Of course, the most romantic city in the world couldn’t stay off this list. A wedding in Paris is the dream of many brides and grooms, with the Eiffel Tower as the background for one of the most important moments in life. Despite not having packages as complete and targeted as the Caribbean resorts and paradisiacal destinations, the French capital is also prepared to receive your wedding in the most different ways.

11. Disney - USA

best places for destination wedding -disney

And why not get married in the land of fun? Whether in Orlando, California, France or Japan, the Disney World hotels are prepared to make their ceremony that can even count with famous characters of Walt Disney. The wedding can be more romantic or more fun, with the face that the bride and groom choose. And the honeymoon will certainly be magical, with all the atmosphere that only the parks and sceneries there can offer.

12. Fernando de Noronha - Brazil

best place for destination wedding

Fernando de Noronha is another Brazilian destination in the selection. The archipelago that belongs to the state of Pernambuco is one of the most famous travel destinations in the country and, for its unforgettable landscapes, can also be the setting for your wedding. More and more, local inns and restaurants are specializing to offer the best possible service to the bride and groom.

13. Cartagena - Spain

best place for destination wedding

The historic city on the Colombian coast can be an incredible setting for your wedding. It is possible to have the celebration in the historical church inside the walled city of Cartagena, using the small romantic and colorful streets of the place as scenery. Afterwards, it is still possible to extend the trip, spending the honeymoon on paradisiacal islands nearby and enjoying an unforgettable view that only the Caribbean Sea offers.

14. Jamaica

best place for destination wedding

Jamaica has been an increasingly sought after destination for those who love nature and wish to celebrate love. If before it was a good option for the honeymoon, nowadays it is also a great place to celebrate the wedding, with or without guests. Just like Thailand and some Caribbean destinations, in Jamaica you can also find hotels with all-inclusive experience and packages of various prices and styles to make a complete celebration.

15. Mendoza - Argentina

best place for destination wedding

The last destination on the list is Mendoza, a city that is not yet among the most popular for destination weddings, but this may only be a matter of time. Holding your wedding in Mendoza may mean getting married in a hotel that is inside a winery, with the Andes Mountains as the backdrop for the celebration. The atmosphere of the event is very beautiful and romantic.


These were just a few tips of places to celebrate a wedding, be it a big event, with many guests, or even an intimate moment, just with the bride and groom. It is certain that, wherever it is, the day will be unforgettable and, therefore, it is important to count on good suppliers and plan this trip even more special.

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