Professional Equipment

We capture the most important moments of your wedding day in a way that consists of beautiful imagery.

Wedding Planning

Have a team to help capture every second from the bouquet toss, cake slicing, and first dance through your walk down the aisle.

Wedding Photographers

We also have two professional wedding photographers for all our wedding packages, ensuring your wedding day is capture in a full story.

Wedding Photos

All wedding photos delivered via an online gallery for your to view, share, download, and order prints.

Destination Wedding Photography

We travel all over the USA and internationally for weddings, you’re not stuck to have us just in the Greater Atlanta metro area.

Right Wedding Photographer

with a laid-back attitude and easy to get along personality, you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself with us. Go ahead crack those cheesy “FRIENDS” jokes!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Services

Your wedding photos are something that will last forever, capturing memories from one of the best days in your life. Our goal is to make sure they reflect not just what happened but also how it felt at the time – full of joy and love and laughter.

And when it comes down to it, we want them to tell a story about who you are as a couple because we believe there’s no better way than through images for people to understand who someone really is or was at their core.

That’s why our style isn’t posed or stiff. Instead, we capture natural moments between two people deeply in love with each other while surrounded by their closest friends and family members celebrating together as one big happy group!  Action: Click here now if interested!

We know how important this day is for you, which is why we work hard to capture every moment as it happens without intruding on your special day. You can relax knowing that our team will take care of everything so that you can enjoy yourself and focus on what matters most – being with those who matter most to you.

Best Wedding Photographers

Camera MakesYou Nervous?

We are a team of professional photographers who specialize in capturing true, genuine emotions without making you pose for them. Our style is candid, so we grab you the way you are in real life.

So go ahead crack those cheesy “FRIENDS” jokes and just be yourself. We’ll guide you a little bit!

Wedding Photographers

We’re Atlanta Wedding Photographers, and we love what we do. Capturing the true, natural, genuine emotions of your day is our specialty.

We don’t make you pose or force anything to happen. You will be so happy with how candidly we photograph your day that it will feel like you are reliving it all over again every time you look at the photos!

Wedding Photographers

Atlanta Wedding Photographer is a team of photographers that specialize in capturing genuine moments.

Wedding Photographers

Destination Weddings

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Real RAW Memories Captured

Our photography style focusing on capturing memories that naturally occur. Our services include two photographers for all collections, giving you more angles and more images. Not only can we shoot in natural light, but we can also use additional lights when needed.

From the beginning, let us help you with your wedding planning for your wedding day. We know that it can be stressful, but with our photography experiences, you can rest assured that we will capture all you need from your wedding day. Get in touch!

Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

Atlanta Wedding Photography

Our style is different from most photographers because we capture moments as they happen without forcing them to happen.

This means that when viewing our work, there won’t be any awkward poses or forced smiles in sight – just real-life captured beautifully on film. The best part about this is that these moments are yours forever and not something someone else can take away from you!

You deserve more than just a photographer who makes you feel like an actor or model on set! That’s why our focus is on capturing real-life moments in their truest form – no posing required!

All we want is for our clients to have beautiful memories captured forever by us at the end of the day.

wedding photography service

Wedding and Engagement Photographs

Atlanta, Georgia

We are not your typical wedding photographer. We want to capture the true you without making you pose for it. Our goal is to make sure that we get all of those natural emotions and candid shots so that when you look back on your photos, they will be as if they were taken yesterday.

We are a team of professional photographers who specialize in capturing true, genuine emotions without making you pose for them. Our style is candid, so we grab you the way you are in real life.

Wedding & Engagement Photos

Every Couple

From engagement photos to wedding photos, let us capture you. The real you. We know how important your wedding is, therefore we have dedicated photographers who will make sure they treat your wedding as important.

Photography Services

Fine Art

Our photography services provide all you need to make sure your wedding day is capture timelessly and naturally. Focusing on capturing you as you are in real life on your wedding day.

North Georgia

Atlanta Area

PhotosbyHitesh is an Atlanta Wedding Photography company based out of North Georgia. We are a wedding photography services that focus on capturing natural genuine emotions for your wedding day.

Creative Wedding Photographer Atlanta

As well as capturing natural genuine emotions, we also like to create something amazing for your wedding day. We love capturing your special day with some creative aspects of the wedding. Take a look at the images down below, and you be the judge.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We take the time to create a polished final product, one that you will be proud of and excited about. We eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots as well as other distractions in order to deliver exactly what clients want-the best possible work with all imperfections removed. For example:

As we shoot at low aperture settings sometimes it’s hard for us to get everything just right so we take extra pictures from different angles or heights until they are perfect! So don’t worry yourself over every detail because not only do photographers spend hours analyzing each image but also our state of the art software does too; giving your photos an unparalleled quality

It’s hard to say how many images you’ll get from us, but it all depends on your wedding style. Some couples are so laid back and down-to-earth that we can photograph them for a whole day without running out of ideas or going over our limit. Other people just want the memories captured in pictures with little interest in lots of posed photos – they’re happy if their ceremony was snapped perfectly!

Other than knowing what time frame is needed for coverage, this factor really dictates how much content will be captured by us throughout the event; whether you book five hours or eight hours means more shots taken overall because there is simply more opportunity given (though no guarantees!).

Most of our clients prefer to print photos themself. Thus we do not offer wedding albums for our wedding packages.  With our online gallery, you can customize your wedding album yourself!

Saving you tons of money already by doing so.  Wedding albums can get very expensive if you let the photographers do it.

Usually about 3-4 weeks.  We want to make sure we got everything perfect before we deliver the images.  It can often be quicker than that, but we don’t promise anything, and it depends on how busy we are.

Yes, all editing is done in-house.  We have our own style of editing the images, and we kind of love the way we do it.  So rest assured that we will edit all images!

Yes, we do.  Please click here to see some of our full galleries.