A wedding is a wedding, regardless of the size. Today we will give you a guide for getting married in Atlanta at the courthouse or city hall, whatever you want to call it. We will look at the best courthouses in Atlanta and some marriage licenses that you can contact to get straight away with.

Keep in mind that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, they may have certain restrictions in place to make it safe. Please make sure you check out their website and give them a call before making any plans. Some of the lists consist of courthouses that are full wedding event locations if that makes any sense.

How do you get married at Courthouses in Atlanta?

Each courthouse has a different set of rules and requirements that will make your wedding an official event. The best way to answer this question is to visit their website and see what they require. Most of the courthouses in Atlanta, GA, will be similar, but with different fees.

Also, be aware that some courthouses are full wedding event locations, which means they have wedding ceremonies, receptions, and getting. Below I listed a few courthouses around Atlanta that you can check out; of course, there are many more.

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Do you need wedding rings?

Wedding rings make it official. Well, not really. Wedding rings are more of a symbol that shows other people that you are married. What makes it official are the papers! So if your thinking about doing a courthouse wedding, you may have thought about “Do we need wedding rings?”.

And the answer to that is, No! No wedding rings are required to do a courthouse wedding. So save some money and head on over with some documents.

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How does a courthouse wedding go?

There’s no exact way on doing your research regarding getting married at a courthouse. Below is a small checklist you can use to go do your research. Hopefully, it will give a good guide on what you need to do.

  • Do your research (some courthouse have full wedding events, some don’t)
  • Gather the necessary documents (birth certificates, photo ID, proof of residency)
  • Fill out a Marriage License (usually available from the city clerk or county’s office)
  • Set a date for courthouse or city hall wedding
  • Confirm an Officiant (this may vary depending on the county you in, but ask to see if they assign an officiant or do you have to find one)
  • You may also want to ask if you can read vows or not
  • Invite friends or family (remember to check with your county’s requirement to see how many are allowed)
  • Get married, and think about any post-celebrations you would like to have 🙂
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Marriage License

There’s no exact way on doing your research regarding getting married at a courthouse. Below is a small checklist you can use to go do your research. Hopefully, it will give a good guide on what you need to do.

Atlanta Courthouse Weddings

Atlanta is filled with beautiful city halls or courthouse you can say the “I do” at. Some have an old rustic feel, and some are more modern up to date buildings. It all depends on what you like, and you should go based on that. Here are some of the best looking city halls in Atlanta, GA.

Dekalb Courthouse

Just a few minutes away from downtown Atlanta, GA. The Dekalb Courthouse is the perfect place for your courthouse wedding. Enough parking spaces for your all your guest, as they have parking metered spaces around the building and a public parking deck. I have even shot a wedding here, now that I think about it. Dekalb Courthouse is not a small courthouse, more like a wedding venue, to be exact.

(Images used for this blog was shot at or around Dekalb Courthouse)

Dekalb Courthouse

Cobb County Courthouse

When you search for the Cobb County Courthouse, you will see a beautiful modern building. Don’t let that surprise you as the Magistrate Court is the place you are looking for to get married there. Rather, dull and old building that’s not really that amazing lol. But hey, at least you can say your “I do’s” there, right?

Right now, they are restricting the number of people able to attend your courthouse wedding, so make sure you check with them. Their website is a good place to get updates on what is going on with weddings.

Cobb County Courthouse

Gwinnet Historic Courthouse

Now here’s a beautiful historic courthouse that will make your Atlanta Courthouse Weddings search a bit easier. If you like historic buildings, with a great place for the ceremony, reception, and portrait session, then you can really go wrong with this courthouse.

Not your typical courthouse where it requires only a few witnesses, but an actual wedding event location.

Gwinnet Historic Courthouse

Murray County Courthouse

Need something smaller? Then Murray County Courthouse may be an option for you. Their courthouse wedding is not a full wedding event center. You can get married here with just you and your spouse with a few witnesses.

Make sure you read up on what is required before heading to the courthouse, as most of the requirements are listed on their website.

Murray County Courthouse

Cherokee County Courthouse

You want to be looking for Probate Court if your thinking about getting married at the Cherokee County Courthouse. Another small courthouse wedding around Atlanta, GA, where you don’t have to pay a fortune to get married at. Typically courthouse where you need to pay a small fee and that’s it.

Of course, make sure you check out their website for all the required requirements to get married officially.

Cherokee County Courthouse

Regardless of what you are looking for, whether it is city hall weddings or courthouse weddings, they pretty much mean the same thing. However, the only differences you will have or face are the county’s different rules set aside. You want to make sure that check with your county before making any plans.

Let me know what you think of my Atlanta Courthouse Wedding guide? Did I include all your questions? I know there may be many more, but I am not sure what question you’re looking for unless you ask :). More guides available here for your wedding planning!

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