Ashton Gardens Atlanta GA Wedding

The second time at the Ashton Gardens Atlanta Wedding Venue, the first time; I had done videography work, this time, it was photography work. Marissa and Michael were amazing to work with, and we had no problem with any of the shots since we had done their engagement early this month.

We had to start so early for this wedding simply because of the coronavirus, Marissa and Michael could only acquire the wedding venue in the morning hours or early afternoon.  Not an issue, just meant that we got done with the wedding early so it was a good chance for once.

Most of the groomsmen got ready at the hotel and only Michael was getting ready at the wedding venue. Of course, since I was covering the groom and his boys, I got no pictures of Marissa getting ready.

Wedding Ceremony at Ashton Gardens

The only thing I dislike about this venue is the bright light that it brings inside the wedding chapel.  As well as the green color cast that also came in due to the trees in the background.

Ashton Gardens in Atlanta, GA is a popular wedding venue simply because everything is really close by.  When the light is perfect (cloudy), this place would be an amazing place to get lots of portraits.

But with Marissa and Michael, it didn’t happen due to the sun being out.  And they were a happier camper about it.  That’s why I was super excited to create the image above.

Since Marissa and Michael knew that I am a bit of a creative freak, I was trying out different things for them.  And really happy with the results we got.  Good thing they didn’t get too annoyed with me, but to create something amazing you just need to try.

Wedding Reception

The reception wasn’t that long. Since the venue had booked another wedding for the same day, Michael and Marissa had to finish it up kinda quickly. Which is a total bummer. So they quickly had to do the toast, garter toss, and exit rather quickly. And with being so fast, I had to shoot just natural light for this reception.