A Place in the Vineyard Albemarle NC| Jacqueline & Bernard

Located in Albemarle, NC A place in the Vineyard is just an amazing place to have your wedding at.  You have so many different locations within the wedding venue for portraits that you may never run out of creative places for photos.

I actually ran out of time for portraits as I wanted the bride and groom at various locations.  We stuck with the vineyards since it was close to the wedding reception area. We started a portrait session during sunset.

Getting Ready

The bride’s room and the groom’s room are located right next to each other. Since I knew that the grooms would be a breeze, I started with the girls. They always seem to be the hardest to photograph because of all that’s going on with the girls. I also had to make sure that they didn’t see each other since they wanted to do a first look.

Two First Look

Jacqueline wanted to do a first look for both her father and son, and with Bernard. Since, I really didn’t want to use the same location for both session, I choose different spots at the wedding venue.

We first started with father and son first look, and once this was done, I went to grab Bernard to place him correctly before Jacqueline arrived.

The Ceremony at A Place in the Vineyards

The ceremony took place in the back barn. Since it was mid-afternoon, I was trying to avoid the sun as much as possible when trying to photograph the ceremony. But of course, that doesn’t always work out.

Grand Entrances and Golden Hour Portraits

The inside of a place in the vineyard wedding venue is just gorgeous.  With the right amount of lights, you can really be creative with how you shoot the wedding events inside.  But I didn’t have the time to do anything really creative, since I was the only shooter and I could not miss anything during the wedding.

I was able to crack out something moody during the final dances of the bride and groom.  They actually wanted everyone outside for one more romantic dance, just themself.  So that was a great opportunity to do something epic.

In all, this wedding venue is truly epic.  With so much background within the venue, you can never run out of creative portraits.  A great place to have a wedding.