8 Things to Avoid Before Your Wedding

Your wedding date is approaching like a bullet train, and you’re starting to get the jitters just thinking about it. That’s no reason to act impulsively, so keep calm and make sure you’re not about to do these eight things.

New makeup products

Test out different wedding looks months before your big day. When you’ve found products that work best with the look you’re going for, ensure that the same makeup products are used on an actual day. The never-before-tested eyeliner you have on may scare everyone off when you’re shedding tears of ink, I mean joy, during touching wedding toasts.

avoid before your wedding day

Change in hair color

Even if you feel like you’re in a trusted stylist’s safe hands, don’t risk dyeing your hair too close to your wedding date. You’ll never really know how it’ll turn out, but if you’re that determined on changing up your hair color, dye it way in advance to determine if it’s the right shade for you.

Last-minute fad diets

Streamlined figures aren’t achieved overnight, so depriving yourself of food isn’t going to do you good. Have a healthy, filling meal to tide you over the flurry of your big day’s events.

avoid before your wedding day

Early manicures

Get your nails done a few days before your wedding day. Please don’t get them painted too early as they may chip while you’re up and about running wedding errands.


Stress can cause significant breakouts, so if you’re not a fan of red, throbbing acne, avoid panicking over minute things. Don’t worry, your wedding will be memorable, and everyone’s going to have fun. Take a chill pill and wind down with a relaxing bubble bath instead of imagining the worst possible wedding scenarios.

avoid before your wedding day

Little sleep

Get a good night’s sleep before your wedding day. You’re excited, we get it, but you don’t want to be sporting dark eye bags the next day.